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Donald Usa (McDonald)

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About us

This project is for MacDonalds, McDonalds, McDaniels (and similar) and all other Clan Donald names such as McAllister, McKeen, McQuiston, (see below).

Our website for the DNA Results and a long view of our history is not here at FamilytreeDNA but at our Clan website,

By joining this project you agree, to allow your last name and initials, but not your FTDNA kit code, full name, or earliest ancestor, to appear on our external web site. Because of changes due to the EU regulations discussed below some people's data has disappeared from our online data tables and search engine. If you wish to return you must follow these simple instructions: You will need to log into your FTDNA account and check one privacy setting. To do this, on your main page, under Your Account, go to Manage Personal Information, then to Privacy and Sharing. Then, under Project Sharing, Group Project Profile, you need to make sure the Opt in to Sharing box is checked.

Only your Y chromosome STR results and your Y Haplogroup appear on our web site without your express written consent, emailed to the Project Admin. You are identified only by initials, surname, and a separate "Clan Donald DNA Code". You access your results on our web pages by the "Clan Donald DNA Code" which is randomly assigned to you and may be obtained by contacting the project administrator.

A note to our EU and UK participants: The EU has promulgated regulations which they claim to apply even to persons in the USA. such as the administrators of this project. We have no ability to completely fulfill these. We note the following: the only information that is stored on our server computers is what is available on our web pages. If you leave our project at FTDNA this will disappear at the next update. The only identifying information other than what is on our public web site that we store on private (not web accessible) computers is your full name, email, earliest ancestor, kit number, and the list of SNPs that appears at the bottom of your FTDNA SNP page (if you join through FTDNA), unless you send it or a pointer to it in an email to us. None of this can be removed from our permanent backups. Your email is necessarily used in daily processing. If you send data to us such as Family Finder files or BigY data you agree that we can keep backups of it permanently. We can remove results processed from it from our public areas. We can see such items as appear on your FTDNA page available to GAP administrators (e.g. postal mail address) , so long as you remain a project participant at FTDNA, but we never copy it at all. If, starting now, you are not comfortable with this, do not join our project at FTDNA. None of this a change to our longstanding policy.

The main object of this project to trace men to their ancestors to Scotland or Ireland, find cousins, determine family location and movement, determine if they are descended from Somerled in their purely paternal line, and determine clan branch or cadet line.

A second objective is to obtain reference point information from persons with known lineages willing to share their crucially important information for the benefit of other Clan families. Those persons may also wish to confirm or clarify written sources concerning their lines.

Non-MacDonald name participants (any spelling) should have some belief that their ancestor originated in historic Clan Donald lands: i.e. the western Highlands of Scotland including Kintyre to Ross, the Inner or Outer Hebrides, or Ulster or Leinster in Ireland or County Derry.

Our focus in determining “relatedness” is during the period from 1300 (the major growth of the Lordship) until 1750 when the Clan began to emigrate.