MacEoghain: McCowan McQuown McKeown McKeon, McCune, McCuen McEuen McEwen McOwen
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Welcome to the McCown DNA project.  McCown, McCowan, McCoun, McKown, McCune, McKeown, McEwan, McEuen, McQuown are surnames that typically have an etymology related to the Gaelic (Q-Celtic) name Mac Eoghain.   In the Gaelic language, Mac/Mc is a prefix that means “son of”.   Depending on the regional accent, the anglicized version Eoghan can be pronounced as either “Yewen” or “Owen”. Many modern day McCowns pronounce the “ow” like "cow" or "town". 

Y-DNA has shown that not all McCowns descend from the same male progenitor. The name Eoghan/Owen was very popular in the Isles and likely resulted in many lines taking the surname.  The McCown Y-DNA project attempts to determine which McCowns share a common male progenitor and which ancient tribes and clans they might belong to. 

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