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About us

This is a project to study the DNA origins of Clan Lennie and those with similar sounding surnames. Anyone with a surname etymology that is possibly derived from Mac an Làmhaich( Lennie of that Ilk ) or O'Lainidh,O'Lainne( the blade of the sword ) are encouraged to participate. Other possibilities include Mac Giolla Choinnigh ( MacElhenny, MacIlKenny), O'Laighin( O'Leyne ) or O'Dubhshlaine ( Delany, De Lany, Laney ). According to the tradition of the Leny family, it long held possession of it's lands in Stirlingshire by the preservation of a sword with which it's ancestor first acquired them. Whoever had the custody of this weapon and a tooth of St. Fillan was presumed to have a right to the estate. Although the name Leny/Lennie is generally supposed in Scotland to come from the Gaelic leanaidh meaning "wet meadows" - and as such it appears else where in the country as a place name - the symbolic significance of the sword amongst Gilleasbuig Mor's descendants in Scotland suggests that it may in fact derive from lann or lainne meaning "the blade of a sword". The Leny lands eventually, were passed to Buchanans through marriage to a de Lany heiress.