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06 October 2020.   R-L21 Group I created for a new member identified as belonging to the R-L21 subclade of SNP Z251

20 June 2020.   R-L21 Group N created for a new member identified as belonging to the R-L21 subclade of SNP Z17300

16 November 2018.   Zena McCarty Paice, previously serving as a Co-Administrator, appointed Project Administrator alongside Nigel

25- 28 May 2017.   The Homecoming of the Daniel MacCarthy Glas Archive and MacCarthy Cultural Weekend, Dunmanway, Co. Cork. 

14 February 2017.   R-L21 Group L created for a new member identified as having Clan Colla ancestry (predicted SNP R-Z16270 under DF21)

18 July 2016.    Auxiliary files (McCarthy Scrapbook) moved again, to

27 March 2016.    'McCarthy' Groups A-G, J, K renamed 'R-L21' Groups. McCarthy Group MX renamed 'R-M269 Unassigned'. New R-L21 Group H created:  Tested / predicted FGC35995 +ve.

17 March 2016.    Newsletter No. 18 distributed.

11 March 2016.    McCarthy Group H renamed 'Haplogroup of R-M269>...>L151>P312>U152'; McCarthy Group L further renamed 'Haplogroup of R-M269>...>L151>U106'. 

04 March 2016.    Auxiliary files (McCarthy Scrapbook) moved to (later moved again). 

05 January 2016.    Group M1 renamed L following positive identification of SNP R-U106.   Further McCarthy Group A subgroups created: A3 (subclade of SNP A151) and A4 (subclade of A212).

19 December 2015.    Group M2 renamed F4 with prediction of terminal SNP R-L1066 (under Z253).

15 July 2015.   Group F3 created, marked by the Irish Type III haplotype (and SNP R-L226 under Z253).

13 June 2015.   Group K created, marked by SNP R-DF25 (a subclade under DF21).

31 May 2015.   Newsletter No. 17 distributed.

03 May 2015.   Group E (R-Z255) split into E1 and E2.

09 February 2015.   Group A broken down into A1a, A1b, A2 and AX.

25 November 2014.   Newsletter No. 16 distributed.

08 June 2014.   Newsletter No. 15 distributed.

14 May 2014.   Miscellaneous Group M2 renamed Group F2 with identification that haplotypes were very similar to those of others who had tested positive for SNP R-Z253. Former Group F becomes F1. This is also R-Z253 (see below) but clearly a separate subclade thereof.

27 April 2014.   Miscellaneous Group M5 renamed Group G with identification that haplotypes were very similar to those of others who had tested positive for SNP R-CTS3386, a further recently recognised subclade of DF13.

10 April 2014.   Miscellaneous Group M3 renamed Group H upon identification that its haplotypes closely matched that of new member kit B6821 which had already tested positive for R-U106 at 23andMe.

17 November 2013.   Newsletter No. 14 distributed.

18-20 October 2013.   Back to our Past show, RDS, Dublin. Talk on DNA profiling of McCarthy Septs and Agnomens

15 August 2013    First positive test for SNP Z253 in a McCarthy (kit 237106 in Group F).

04 August 2013.   Groups E and F, predicted as pertaining to subclades R-Z255 and R-Z253 respectively, created out of former Miscellaneous (M) groups. Analysis added to Results page.

14 June 2013.   Newsletter No. 13 distributed.  If members have not received their copies please contact the Project Administrator with a correct e-mail address after first checking spam folders. See "Background" tab for contact information. Most newsletters are distributed from a separate e-mail address book rather than utilising the FTDNA bulk e-mailing facility.  If you change your e-mail address(es) please be sure to BOTH update your FTDNA Home Page AND notify the Project Administrator, since future distributions by this method may not be checked against the e-addresses registered with FTDNA.

31 May - 02 June 2013.  MacCarthys of Cork Cultural Weekend, Parkway Hotel, Dunmanway, Co. Cork. 

10 - 12 May 2013.   McCarthys of Iveragh and Kerry Gathering, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry.

13 March 2013.   Newsletter No. 12 distributed.

09 March 2013.   SNPs CTS4466 and CTS5714 tested positive for McCarthy Group A kit 128856 and, so far, all other (non-McCarthy) Irish Type II kits which have been submitted for testing.

07 March 2013.    McCarthy Group D and its subgroups renamed Group M (still with subgroups) but former Group D6 retained as new Group D. Analysis added identifying detail of its connection to the main Kerry Group O'Sheas, which test positive for SNP L513.

20 February 2013.    Analysis of McCarthy Group B and other data relating to haplotypes of the SNP P314.2 lineage extensively updated.

19 December 2012.    Newsletter No. 11 distributed, addressing earlier erratum and modifying comments on the newly available Geno 2 test.

11 December 2012.    Newsletter No 10 distributed with updated postulated phylogenetic trees for McCarthy Groups 'A' and 'B' and 'Introduction to Genetic Genealogy' featuring a section on analysis of Y-DNA STR results. 

07 June 2012.      Newsletter No 9 distributed. 

17 November 2011.    The "Paternal Ancestor Name" field on the yDNA Results page utilises members' entries as submitted through their Home Page via the "My Account / Personal Profile" tab. It utlises ONLY the text entered in the "Name" window under Most Distant Ancestors / Paternal. There is a 50 character limit to this field. Newsletter No. 8 (of 17 November 2011) proposed a rationalisation of the way in which information is presented in this field and this is now evident on the YDNA Results page.

From August 2011, where a McCarthy sept name or other agnomen is known, this will be shown in brackets at the beginning of the "Paternal Ancestor Name" field. These agnomina may be the original sept names (e.g Mór, Reagh, [of] Duhallow, [of] Muskerry), as used from about the fourteenth century, or subsequent sub-sept or other supplementary names used to distinguish different McCarthy families (e.g. Crimeen, Cruig, Daunt, Fars(h)ing (Fairsinn), Guidagh, [of] Lyradane, Muineagh (Meenig), Na Mona, Norsa, Sowney (Samhna), Rabagh). The original sept names should only be indicated where there is a sound paper trail or strong oral tradition in the family. It is recognised that some of these agnomina may have arisen independently in different families: however it is hoped that their reliable identification will enable us to establish modal haplotypes associated with each which will then greatly facilitate the study of both our distant and more recent history.

16 July 2011.   Newsletter No 7 distributed (brief).

16 June 2011.   Newsletter No 6 distributed (brief).

09 April 2011.   Newsletter No 5 distributed (brief).  

04 January 2011.   Newsletter No 4A distributed, with postulated phylogenetic trees for all R-M269 McCarthys.  

14 August 2010.   Newsletter No 3 distributed.

17 June 2010.    Newsletter No 2A distributed.

17 May 2010.    Newsletter No 1 distributed.