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McCabe Y-DNA Project
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About us

Welcome to the McCabe Y-DNA Surname Project. We are happy to announce that a new project administrator has been found. He will be taking over for Dr. James M. Freed who has been the McCabe Y-DNA Surname Project administrator for 15 years. Jim's knowledge of genetics added tremendous value to this project. Jim’s replacement will be Jeremiah O’Neal of San Diego, CA, whose technical knowledge will be an asset to the McCabe Surname Project website. Please feel free to communicate with other project members on the “Activity Feed”. If you need to contact Jeremiah directly, you may do so by instant messaging him on yahoo (, however, there will also be faqs posted at, and FTDNA also has a great help system. If you are new to the group, please consider posting your tree (or what you know of it) on one of the many free family tree websites such as or You will receive additional support when you do this since the future plan for this group is to link out to the various 100% free resources. Please talk to Jeremiah as he is so happy to work with all of you. He looks forward to what will become a great future for the FTDNA McCabe Surname Project. Thank you. This project focuses on males with the surname (or suspected surname) of McCabe, Mecabe, and Cabe worldwide. Using a Y-DNA test, only males should be tested who suspect that they have an ancestor with the surname of McCabe, Mecabe or Cabe. In order to join, it is recommended that males take the Y-DNA 67 marker test. After receiving results of the test, use the Activity Feed to communicate with other members in the McCabe Y-DNA project.