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A Y-DNA Project for Male Testers Bearing the Surname McMichael or Its Variants
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Surnames deriving from the Gaeilc MacGhilleMhìcheil / Mac‘illeMhìcheil along with variant anglicizations, also from the Irish Mac Giolla Mhichíl along with variant anglicizations, etc. 

We kindly appeal for Y-DNA testing and project participation by men who currently reside in Scotland and Ireland, and whose families have historically resided there.

There are likely multiple separate families who have taken the surnames in this project. For instance, the surnames are associated with septs of Stewart clans (Galloway, Appin & Royal), MacDonald clans (South & Clanranald), and the Irish clan Connolly (of which Mac Giolla Mhichíl was chief), as well as Scottish Lowlander families. Members are encouraged to upgrade to at least 67-marker STR testing; 111-markers is best. Also, members are encouraged to perform haplogroup testing to determine their terminal SNP; next generation sequencing (NGS), e.g., Big Y or equivalent testing for novel SNPs is best. Please see the "Goals" page in the "About This Group" drop down.

The Gaelic form of the surname is MacGhilleMhìcheil / Mac‘illeMhìcheil (roughly pronounced as "Mahk-'illyeh-Veekhel," translated as Son of the Servant of [St.] Michael) with common anglicizations of McMichael, MacMichael, Carmichael*, McMichaell, McMicheal, McMichel, McMichal, McMichall, McMichiel, McMickel, McMickell, McMickle, McMahill, McMihil, McMihill, MacMichil, McMichell, McMichill, McMitchell, MacMitchell, MacMichie, McMichie, McMichan, Meikle, Meekle, Mickle, Mickel, Mitchell*, Mitchelson*, Michael*, Michaels*, Michel*, and Michaelson*; less common are McGill, McGillimichael, Gillmichael, Gilmichael, McKilmichael, Kilmichael, MacIllimhicall, Mcllvichil, M’Ilvichall, etc.  Also, the Irish form of the surname is Mac Giolla Mhichíl (roughly pronounced as "Mahk Yullah Veekhel," translated as Son of the Servant of [St.] Michael), with common anglicizations of McMichael, McMichell, McMitchell, MacElmeel, McElmeell, McElmeil, McElmell, McIlimchell, McIlmail, McIlmale, McIlmall, McElmell, Mcilmale, McIlmall, McEhill.

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Michel - Michael - Mikell - Michelson