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This Surname project covers McGalin, McGallin, McGallian, McGallion and includes men with any of those last names who have done Y DNA testing or persons who have ancestors with those last names who have done Family Finder autosomal DNA testing.

As of June 2019, the webpage that best explains the results and relationships among members tested so far is: For comments or questions about the information presented there please email

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One of the main ancestors pertinent to this project is Thomas McGallin who was born in the part of Viriginia that later became Kentucky in about 1776.  On some of his land deeds, he is shown as Thomas McGalin.  Some of his descendants have used the surname McGallion or McGallian in later times.

By 1821, Thomas had moved to Pike County, Mississippi where he married the widow, Elizabeth Glass, who had had two daughters with her late husband Frederick Glass.  Her maiden name was Elizabeth Strother.  Thomas and Elizabeth had 3 sons:  Jesse born in 1822, Alandron born in 1828, and Thomas born in 1833 and 2 daughters:  Martha Ann born in 1832 and Margaret born in 1837.  The first four children were born in Mississippi in Pike or Hinds County. 

Between 1833 and 1835 the family, including the two Glass daughters Matilda and Elizabeth, had moved to Bevil Precinct of Jasper County, Texas.  Thomas is listed as a Bricklayer in the 1835 Texas census.  Elizabeth and their daughter Margaret both died there.

By 1840, Thomas had moved the family back to Pike County, Mississippi.  He married Sarah Rachel Roberts about this time.  She and Thomas had 2 sons:  John Jefferson born in 1845 and Thomas James born in 1846; and 2 daughters:  Mary Anna born in 1840 and Dellia born in 1848.  By 1850 the family was living in Amite County, Mississippi and Thomas was still a brick mason at 70.  He died in Mississippi after 1860.

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prepared by Sheila Schmutz, a descendant of Thomas McGallin, 1 January 2018