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About us

The purpose of The McFadden Project is to learn more about the origins and history of the Mac Pháidín surname and its anglicized variants through both traditional historical research and analysis of Y-DNA test results.  The project is actively seeking men with any of the names listed (as well as any similar name not yet listed) who are willing to take a Y-DNA test.

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A list of our current results can be found at

Credit for the formation and administration of this group goes to founder Scotty McFadden, who passed away in 2007, and his brother Don, who assumed his brother’s role after his death.  Scotty and Don trace back to an 18th-century Irish immigrant named William McFadden who settled in South Carolina and is thought to have been from Co. Antrim.

Rob McFadden, whose line is from northern Co. Donegal, signed on as a co-administrator in 2013 and set up the new web site.


How many markers should I test for?

We recommend 67 markers.

Is this project only for Y-DNA results?  What about Family Finder and mtDNA?

The focus of this group is the Y-DNA results of men with variants of the Mac Pháidín surname, but all are welcome.

Some of the subgroups on the results page says M222+.  What does that mean?

M222 is the name of a distinctive DNA marker that originated in a man who lived roughly 2000 years ago.  M222+ is a designation for men who have this marker and therefore are descended from that man along their direct paternal line.  M222 is commonly associated with the semi-mythical Irish king Niall of the Nine Hostages because the marker is found among many men who have surnames derived from Niall's descendants.  Please note that unless you have specifically tested for the M222 marker, your status as M222+ is only assumed based on the similarity of your results to known M222+ men.

People who are in the M222+ subgroup may wish to join the M222 project.

Feel free to e-mail with any questions.