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About us

The purpose of the McBirney DNA project is:
•To identify others who are related and to bring together related people who may have scattered to many countries of the world.
•To assist McBirneys of any spelling and other historically related groups to find cousins; determine family location and movement; and, when possible, determine clan branch or cadet line.
•To help people prove or disprove theories regarding their family history or ancestry with an additional resource.
•To investigate through DNA the deep ancestral roots of the clan.
•To share with other DNA project managers information on Scottish and Irish genealogy.
•To determine if McBirney has multiple progenitors of different ancestry, such as Celtic and Scandinavian.

This project uses the standards of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2017, the most recent editions of FTDNA’s Terms, the Genetic Genealogy Standards, and ISOGG’s guidance for Project Administrators.