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Clan McAlister of America
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About us

The Goal of the Family Tree DNA McAlister Surname Project, with all the variant spellings, is to connect the McAlister families, group the families by their DNA family signatures and trace the families’ migration to the country of origin through genetic genealogy and research.

To accomplish this goal, the Project members must work together in sharing lineage records and historic family information to identify a common ancestors. The DNA from more family groups will prepare a better foundation for comparison of all subsequent participants.

Whether you’ve exhausted the traditional avenue of research and wish to break down that brick wall through scientific means, or maybe you are already a part of a well established ancestry and wish to help “lost” branches find their own place, your participation will be an invaluable contribution toward the larger goal of family reconstruction to find our common ancestor.

Members of the Clan McAlister of America and individuals with McAlister surnames have joined the "McAlister"-surname project to help accomplish the project goal.