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December 7 @ 7:07am
My name is Lindsey Mathis Jones, I have been researching my father's family line for years. I had my dad, Jeffrey Mathis, do a Y marker DNA test (kit # 875188). I was hoping that this test would break down the brick wall on my Mathis line. Most can trace roots back many generations, but for some reason, I can only trace my Mathis line back 4 generations. I believe it is because my Mathis's were originally Matthew's. I have a tree on Ancestry and my own DNA is uploaded on Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch. My earliest Mathis ancestor was James Herren Mathis born about 1790 and married to Sidney Seagraves. He died before 1850 in Bledsoe, Tennessee. I can work my line down from James, but not up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Reed Mathews
January 22 @ 5:52pm
My name is Reed Mathews. My Mathews family goes back to a James Mathews who was born about 1790 in Virginia. He lived from about 1840 to some time after 1860 in Rhea County, Tennessee. I have not been able to drive my own family much earlier, but I do believe that one of the James Matthewses who were listed in the 1830 census of Bledsoe County, TN was my ancestor James Mathews.
Reed Mathews
January 22 @ 6:11pm
As a part of my research into my own family, I looked into all of the people named Mathis, Mathews, Matthews and other spellings of the name who lived in Rhea County in 1850. I tried to trace them all forward and backward. One of the men that I found some good information on was named Herring Mathis/Mathews. (The first name Herring took many forms and the last name was spelled many ways, as well. But be this as it may I think the information all hangs together pretty well.) "Herren Matthis" appears in the 1840 census of Bledsoe County. I believe that the "Hiram Mathes" who is enumerated in 1850 in Rhea county Is the same man and I further believe that the "Herring Mathis" who lived in Cumberland County in1860 is also the same man. This Herring Mathis (by all the spellings) seemed to have married a lady named Elizabeth and I saw no son Leander (who I believe must be your ancestor). So, I do not know how this Herring Mathis fits into your tree (or if he does). I did get to trace this Herring Mathis back to Duplin County, North Carolina. He is named in the will of his father James Mathews. I have more if you are interested.
Jeffrey Mathis
May 2 @ 7:36pm
I saw the Herring Mathis/Matthews, but his family does not match my family. I have a strong inkling that Mathis was Matthews due to the youngest son was Benjamin Mathis, but his children have the last name of Matthews and his grandchildren carry both the Mathis/Mathes or Matthews last name. Herren never appears on the 1850 census, only his wife Ciddy (Sidney) and the two sons appear.
Warren Jones Warren Jones
March 22 @ 9:19am
John Wesley Mathis, born July 1859 in Lafayette, Florida and died Nov 1937 in Lowdes, Georgia, married a woman with the first name, Jane, middle initial, E. Many researchers believe that her maiden/surname name was Long, or maybe Williams. I haven't found any document that states her maiden name. Can anyone help me in my search for her surname?
Brenda Weaver Brenda Weaver
August 29, 2018 @ 9:21pm
Joined as a female. Looking for Mathews Family from Claremont, New Hampshire. Olive Mathews married William Chase in 1797 in Claremont, NH. 1790 U.S. Census has the following: Abner, David, Hubbard, Jesse, Joel Mathews, and John Mathews. Also, Esther Mathews married a Phineas Knights in 1797 in Claremont. Joel is listed as her father on Family Search, but do not know who Olive Mathew's father was.
Rowland Matthews
February 15 @ 8:09pm
Abner, Jesse, Joel, John and David were siblings, children of Abner and Lois Matthews of Claremont, originally from Wallingford, CT. Hubbard, Esther and Olive were not part of this family, but don't know where they belong.
Scott Matthews Scott Matthews
December 8 @ 7:31pm
Hi all. Just trying my very best to get my head around all this stuff. It is fascinating! Have been a member for a while now, but with work etc time is restricted to getting my teeth into all this. That being said, would anyone be able to shed any light on the fact that all my matches have surnames that are not Matthews. I have Van Pelts and others. Am I possibly the product of a little fling?! lol. Also, when I was growing up, I always remember that my grandparents were very proud of our double T's in our surname. Always makes me smile whenever anyone asks the spelling. Thanks everyone. :)
James Dixon
January 9 @ 5:21am
Hi Scott. Welcome! Van Pelts sounds Dutch to me. Where did your Matthews line live in the 1700s?
Doyle Browning Doyle Browning
December 9 @ 10:08pm
April 28,1847, Susan C. Matthews (spelled that way on the marriage entry, written by minister) married William M. Kuykendall in Dallas Co AR. In all the years I have researched, every tree or family post message that I have seen has spelled her name as Mathis. I do not know where that spelling came from as other than that marriage record, the only records stating her name that I have found are census records, 1850 thru 1900 as Susan C. Kuykendall and all say she was born in SC. Her tombstone says b Dec 1826 but census records vary from 1828 to 1830. Family trees or GEDcoms all say either Chester Co or Laurens Co SC. I do not know where the county information came from either. She is the furthest grand mother in my husband's direct maternal line, one of our brick walls. He has tested FTdna full multisequence, & autosomal, #300656, uploaded to GEDmatch # T895714 and transferred to My Heritage #FT-D996E8.
James Dixon
December 31 @ 7:56pm
My family comes from a line of Kuykendall/Cuykendall. They came to the US in the 1600s from the Netherlands. One, or more, of the Kuykendalls moved to South Carolina. Some Kuykendalls moved into Tennessee and westward. I'll look to see if I can find anything on your Susan or who her father may have been. Some of my dna matches have Kuykendalls from SC in their trees. Still tryng to determine if the Kuykendalls are the common ancestor.
James Dixon
December 31 @ 8:05pm
I checked Gedmatch but there is no matching DNA. Probably too far apart and the common ancestors is too far back. Will keep looking.
Sandra Matthews Sandra Matthews
December 20 @ 9:27pm
I have just been reading the posts on this site back to January 2018. My Matthews ancestors came from Ireland. I know my grandfather, John Matthews was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1858 and died in Western Australia in 1942 (just 3 months before I was born). His father and mother, (Dominick Matthews and Mary Matthews nee Duff) I believe were born in Ireland too. No actual proof of this unfortunately. See my story below regarding this. Dominick (believed to have been born in 1836, but not sure), Mary, John (my grandfather) and Mary (born 1860 who was my great aunt) moved to Liverpool, England probably just after the 1861 census. I have not been able to locate them on the 1861 census. Dominick was a tailor. He died in 1864 (gastro/pneumonia) John, my grandfather became a shipwright and eventually moved to Western Australia. I would dearly love to find more information about Dominick Matthews and Mary Duff. I have a theory that they came from Dublin and lived with a few minutes walking distance of each other. This is because my grandfather, John and great aunt Mary were baptized in St Michan’s RC Church and the family lived in North King Street, Dublin not very far from St Michan’s. A Maria (Mary) Duff was born in 1830 and was baptized in St Mary’s Pro Cathedral which was in close walking distance from where she was born and once again, in easy walking distance to North King Street, Dublin and St Michan’s. I would like to hope that this information is correct regarding my ancestors, but I will probably never know. I will try to post photos of my father and grandfather later. They looked very alike. I keep thinking that maybe Dominick looked like them as well. I no longer have anyone left in my family where I can request they do a y-DNA test. I was at a stage of asking my late brother’s son a month or two ago but he died suddenly of a heart attack at a very young age of 55. I look forward to any help or suggestions. I suppose there is always the thought that other Matthews family members moved to the USA (especially in the potato famine era).
John Woodman John Woodman
September 11, 2018 @ 1:49am
Kit#B404838 I am searching for info on Australian line Matthews. I'm looking for Frederick Matthews & his daughter Joan Matthews. Resided in Qld, Australia.
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Robert Matthews
September 12, 2018 @ 3:54am
The above are in my family tree Robert Matthews Dunedin New Zealand - Google The families of Robert Matthews and Dayle McKenzie
Donald Matthews
September 12, 2018 @ 4:52pm
Hi John, I don't see your kit listed on the DNA Results page. You may find this site pretty useless for communications. I don't even think there is an administrator that monitors the activity feed. I would suggest, if you haven't already done so, uploading your DNA file to MyHeritage, or LivingDNA. For those of us with Welsh or English ancestors, MyHeritage and LivingDNA seem to have better databases to find connections.
Robert Matthews
December 15 @ 8:42pm
HI john
Robert Matthews
December 15 @ 8:43pm
Hi John Are you part of my Matthews tree ?
Mary Susan Gratcofsky Mary Susan Gratcofsky
September 17, 2018 @ 11:24pm
Hello--I am searching for anyone who is able to connect their results to Hester le Mathiu who was spouse to Francis(Fancois) Cook(Couck) and passengers on the original Mayflower. It is thought the name would have become Matthew or Matthews. They are my ggp's on my maternal line. Anyone??
Mary Susan Gratcofsky
September 23, 2018 @ 3:20pm
Is the name Le mathiu the origin of Mathew(s)? Anyone here from the Boston Mass area?
Joe Mathews/Baughman
September 27, 2018 @ 11:15pm
Hi Susan, Don't know if there is a connection but my ancestors (Joseph Mathews) hailed from Woburn, MA. No idea of the mathiu vs. mathews connection but the phonetic spelling of names resulted in my ancestors being recorded as mathis, mathews, matthews, etc. I'm related to various Matthews and we believe we can trace our history back to about 1400 with Robert Mathews brother of David Mathews easy enough to find in Welsh history. By coincidence, Francis Cook is a 9th or 10th grandfather.
Mary Susan Gratcofsky
October 15, 2018 @ 12:13am
Mine as, his spouse was Hester le Mathiu. Maybe not simply coincidence?! This is all new for me, so just trying to gain some insight into tracing these roots. I have many relatives buried in the Mayflower Cemetery, as I am also an Earle by DNA...
Mark GEDMATCH A663015 Green Mark GEDMATCH A663015 Green
March 29, 2016 @ 7:13pm
My husband is a Green and his YDNA closest match is a Mathis. It has been suggested that Thomas Green married Elizabeth Matthews, somewhere in Albemarle County, VA or lower Virginia. but there has never been any confirmation. I'm hoping that there is some way to link my husband with the Matthews' family's DNA. My husband's GEDMATCH (autosomal DNA) number is A663015, and his father's is A405346. My son's is also on there. Any thoughts? Thomas Green moves through NC/SC, then Tennesse, then he and his children (somewhere we lose Elizabeth Mathews/Matthews/Mathis) and he moves to his final resting place in Connersville, Fayette, Indiana before it became a state. His children were born and married along the way and all ended up there. I have a public family tree on Ancestry with Thomas Green and his wife Elizabeth Mathews, down through first child and oldest son Daniel Green (b 1783 Virginia - d 1855 Connersville, IN) and his Peggy Margaret Bell Lair. Is there anyone here that has Green family from this trail from Virginia to the Carolinas up through Pulaski, Kentucky up to Indiana by 1809?
Timothy Matthews
September 18, 2018 @ 10:56pm
Lynda, I might be able to help. See my tree under user name tmatthews26 at I do have a decent amount of info about Obediah and some of his descendants.
Joe Mathews/Baughman
September 27, 2018 @ 11:22pm
Very interesting connections here! My 6th ggf was Joseph Mathews and he was Married to Elizabeth Baldwin in 1742. My 5th ggf was Timothy Mathews named after Elizabeth's father. My 3rd ggf was also named Timothy. Richardsons were relative in Woburn, Mass. I am also closely related to Billy Roy Mathews via DNA. I'm further related closely related to Matthews that are historically and currently in Tennessee. Would love to put these pieces of the puzzle all together see how we are all connected.
James Dixon
October 4, 2018 @ 8:49am
Joe Mathews/Baughman, My Dad has a Y67 match with a Mr. Ralph Burton Martin whose ancestor is Timothy Martin b.c. 1803 Tenn. USA I-M253. Any relation? I find it interesting that you have some Richardsons in your tree. I see that Richardson is a surname listed at the top right of my Dad's page as one of the most common names.
Joe Mathews/Baughman
October 7, 2018 @ 5:51pm
James Dixon, I don't have the link but the Richardsons were a prominent family at the beginning of Woburn/Stoneham Mass in the 1600's and they also have a geanological record written in the 1800's that may be of interest to you. Should be able to google.
William Matthews William Matthews
April 11, 2017 @ 4:19pm
Hi - I'm Matthews 364397, tested to 111 markers but still resolutely grouped in the R-M269 section with no near Y-matches to other Matthews. Our paper trail goes back (for sure) to 1803 in Scotland but is speculative before that. Any of the admins/knowledgable types got any ideas of where to go next with testing etc?).
William Matthews
April 11, 2017 @ 4:20pm
Cheers! Bill (P.S. We do seem to match more closely to quite a few Murphys ...)
Donald Matthews
April 12, 2017 @ 3:40pm
William, R-M269 is your current non-specific haplogroup. If you are interested in your ancestry you can learn more with SNP matches. You would need to do further testing. I would suggest your start with the L21 panel. That will provide you with more specific information about your terminal SNP and perhaps help you find others with that same SNP.
pamela scharaga
September 30, 2018 @ 6:08pm
I'm not 100% sure anymore if my Grandmother was a Mathews or Matheus.Her family was from Jamaica and moved to Panama for the buildng of the Canal. Her Father is listed as Roland or Rolanzo Theodore Matthews.My grandmother 's haplogtoup is L2a1. Any oother Matthews fron the B W Indies?