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Below: lineage of Charter Members of Maryland DNA.

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#170066: Eldridge Bradley, Jr. his mother; Marion Leslie Hale - b. 4/29/13 d. 10/12/96 her father's paternal line: O. T. Hale -b. 1/4/1861 d. 4/29/52 Nathan T. Hale b. 6/12/1833 d. 12/24/02 Nicholas Hale - b. 12/10/1805 Joshua Hale -b. abt. 1767 d. 9/1/1813 Nicholas Hale -b. 11/2/1724 Baltimore County, Md(Ruth)Nicholas Hale served as an Ensign in the Gunpowder Battalion in Maryland, moved to Washington County, Tenn. were he died in 1818. I have evidence of the Hales moving into Bedford, Virginia, and then to Tennessee and Kentucky. Nicholas and Ruth had four sons (Richard, Amon, Nathan, & Nicholas) who also served in the Revolutionary War. Family tradition says that Nicholas (the father) also had three brothers who served.

Ann Taylor Scharf b. Baltimore County MD 20 Dec. 1802, d. Caroline OH 10 Feb. 1845 daughter of William Scharf b. possibly PA 3 July 1769, d. 5 May 1840 Baltimore Co. MD and Hannah Taylor b. 1 Dec. 1779 Baltimore Co, MD, d. 7 Aug. 1829 Baltimore Co, MD. Ann married William McPherson b. 6 Feb. 1793 Inverness, Scotland son of Daniel McPherson and Isabel Young. Hannah Taylor daughter of Samuel Taylor b. 1740 Baltimore Co MD, d. 1789 married Patience Tipton daughter of Samuel Tipton and Mary Hewitt. Samuel Taylor son of Thomas Taylor b. c 1704 d. 20 April 1788 m. Sarah Price b. April 1705 daughter of Mordecai Price and Mary Parsons. Thomas Taylor son of Richard Taylor b. circ 1667 d. bef. 18 May 1729 and Ann Tracey daughter of immigrant Samuel Tracey. Mordecai Price b. circa 1660 son of Thomas Price b. 1635 St. Mary's City, MD d. circa 1703 and Elizabeth Johnson. Thomas Price father of Thomas b. poss. Wales 1610 immigrated in 1634 to St. Mary's City MD m. Elizabeth Phillips



#14769 James Draper Lawson 1775 -1845 (born ?/died Maryland) -John H. Lawson 1799 - 1849 (b/d Maryland)
--James Uriah Lawson 1830 - 1897 (b/d Maryland)
---William Filmore Lawson 1858 - 1922 (b/d Maryland)
----Elias Dorsey Lawson 1901 - 1988 (b/d Maryland)
-----Carty Samuel Lawson 1935 - (b Maryland)

#17283 Thomas Smithson (c. 1680-1732, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Ann Scott, parents of;
Thomas Smithson (1712-1795, Harford Co., MD) m. Mary Grafton, parents of;
Daniel Smithson (c. 1743-1798, Harford Co., MD) m. (---) parents of;
William Smithson (1779-1836, Harford Co., MD) m. Margaret Hall Lee, parents of;
Dr. George Washington Smithson (1815-1858) m. Margaret A. Boyd, parents of;
Dr. Frank Pierce Smithson (1852-1921) m. Priscilla Frances Smithson (1st cousins) parents of;
Arthur Clayton Smithson (1893-1961 m. Lillian May Wildason, parents of;
Arthur Franklin Smithson (1918-1996) m. Ruth Rebecca Hildt, parents of;
William Preston Smithson (1945-present) m. Carol Ann Davis, parents of;
Christopher Thomas Smithson (1979-present) m. Amanda Lynn Mills.

#26856, John Mackenzie b. abt. 1680, Scotland, d. 17 Jul 1758, Anne Arundel, MD, m. Catherine Gabriel abt 1692-170 A.A. MD, parents of;
Daniel Mackenzie b.7 Feb 1717, Hopson's Choice, Balt. Co, MD, d. 23 Sep 1783, A.A. MD, m. Mary Porter, parents of;
Henry Mackenzie b. bef 1755, MD, m. Elizabeth, b. bef. 1755, MD; Daniel Mackenzie, b 1780-84, d. abt 1840, Fred. MD, m. Catherine Hartman b. abt 1780-90, parents of;
Elias Mackenzie, b. abt 1803/04, MD or PA, d. 15 Sep 1876, m. 3 Mar 1825 St. Johns CC, Taneytown, MD, Elizabeth Gouker, b. 9 Apr 1804, Adams Co, PA, parents of;
James Elias Mackenzie b. 15 Sep 1836-39, Wash. Co. MD, d. 2 Dec 1895. Rocky Springs, Fred. Co. MD, m. Theresa Firestone, b. 10 Jun 1854, Wolfsville, Fred. Co, Md, parents of;
John Gilmore Mackenzie, b. 24 Apr 1883, Fred. MD, d. 18 Jun 1957, m. Rosa Sadie Main, b. 19 Sep 1885, Elerton, Fred. Co, MD, d. 28 May 1957, Fred. MD, parents of;
Markwood Gilmore Mackenzie, b. 31 Dec 1915, Fred. MD, d.7 Jan 1982, Fred. MD, m. 28 Aug 1953, Joan Kay Shane, b. 28 Dec 1929, Rockville, MD, parents of;
Donald Norris Mackenzie, b. 18 Mar 1957, Fred. MD.

#30550 James Lee(b.1685ish d.1764) MD m. Mary MNU(b.1695ish d.1762) MD; Robert Lee(b.1717ish d.1797) MD/SC m. Elizabeth Watts(b.1734ish d.1798+) MD/SC; John Watts Lee(b.1768ish d.1850) MD/SC m. Elizabeth Land(s)(b.1772 d.1873) SC/SC--Yes, she was almost 101 years old!;
Willis Isiah Lee #1 (b.1801 d.1884) SC/AL m. Charlotte Thompson(b.1803 d.1875) NC/AL;
"Willie" Willis Isiah Lee #2(b.1843 d.1882) SC/AL m. Thursey Dunaway(b.1842 d.1915) AL/AL;
"Pete" Willis Isiah Lee #3(b.1877 d.1928) AL/AL m. "No-bee" Fannie Nobleton Hutchins(b.1884 d.1938) AL/AL;
Lamion Lee(b.1915 d.1997) AL/OH m. Dorothy Marie Sweatt(b.1921 d.1995) AL/OH.

#N42923 Thomas Green, Bobbington, Kent England to St. Mary's City MD 1634, m. (2) Winifred Seyborn, parents of:
Robert Green of St. Mary's City, MD, m. Mary Boarman, parents of;
William Green b. about 1696 MD, d. Shepherdstown, WV, m. Dinah Butt, parents of;
Joseph Green who moved to Rutherford Co, NC, m. Mary McIntyre, parents of;
William Green b. abt 1754 in NC, Rev War, State Senator in NC, d. 1823

#44735 Kenneth John Tipton (1962-Present), Missouri; - John H. Tipton (1919 - 2009), Missouri; Missouri John Hiram Tipton (1860-1946), Missouri;
Missouri Nathaniel Tipton (1826-1902), Ohio; Missouri Jonathan Tipton (1800-1875), Ohio, Missouri, Silvester Tipton(1762-1845), Maryland;
Ohio; Jonathan Tipton(1723-1803), Maryland; Maryland Thomas Tipton(1693-1763), Maryland. Maryland? Jonathan Tipton(1659-1757), Jamaica?; Maryland

#61365 Robert Ray Tipton (1942-present), Beatrice, Gage, NE Horace Harper Tipton (1915-1975), Page, Holt, NE Murney Clarence Tipton (1888-1962), Hamlin, Brown, KS Samuel Joshua Tipton (1861-1941), Prarie City,McDonough, I Joshua Samuel Tipton (1826-1890), Baltimore, MD Ephraim Tipton (1783-1859), Baltimore, MD William Tipton (1758-Aft 1834), Baltimore, MD(tentative) Johathan Tipton (1723-1803), Baltimore, MD Thomas Tipton (1693-1763), Anne Arundel, MD Jonathan Tipton (Abt 1659-1757) Jamaica

# 65016 Rev. Robert Owen, b. abt 1674, Wales, UK, d. 25 Jul 1714, Prince Georges Co, MD m. Mary Haddock b. 1675, Prince Georges, MD, d. Prince Georges, MD; Edward Owen, b. abt 1717, Prince Georges Co, MD, d. 20 Jan 1771, Frederick Co, MD, m. Elizabeth;
Laurence Owen, b. abt 1735, Frederick Co, MD, d. abt 1835, Scott Co, VA, m. Sarah Hardy b.1759 Frederick Co, MD, d. abt 1835, Scott Co, VA;
Elisha Owen,10 Oct 1794, Ashe Co, NC, d. 1867, Scott Co, VA, m. Delia Rhea b. abt 1799 Scott Co, VA, d. abt 1837, Scott Co, VA;
Eli Owen, b. 14 Jun 1817, Scott Co, VA, d. abt 1899, Barbourville, KY, m. Mary Henderson b. 1 Apr 1822, TN, d. abt 1871, Barbourville, KY;
John Gilbert Owen, 15 Mar 1847, Barbourville, KY, d. 12 Apr 1935, Huntsville, OH, m. Delilah Frances Beckley;
Earnest Paul Owen, b. 24 May 1872, Indianapolis, IN, d. 4 May 1952, m. Adah Walsh b. 7 Sep 1873, St.Louis, MO, d. 2 Jul 1960, Salem, MO;
George Earnest Owen, S, b. 29 Feb 1896, St. Louis, MO, d. 27 Feb 1970 Pine Bluff, AR, m. Ruth Marie Spradling, b. 16 sep 1896, Sullivan, MO, d. 21 May, MD;
Paul Herbert Owen.

# N72038 7th great-grandfather: Thomas Davis 6th g-grandfather:
Edward Davis b. abt 1600 England, died 9 June 1736 Charles Co, MD; 5th g-grandfather:
David Davis b. abt 1700, d. May 1770, Charles Co, MD; 4th g-grandfather:
Charles Davis b. abt 1740 Trinity Parish, Charles Co, MD, buried Feb 1807, Reed Creek, Henry Co, Virginia;
3rd g-grandfather: Benjamin Thomas Blackburn Davis, b. 19 Sep 1778, Trinity Parish, Charles Co, MD, d. March 1866 Reed Creek, Henry Co, VA;
2nd g-grandfather: Benjamin Franklin Davis, b. 25 July 1818, Henry Co, VA, d. 12 May 1862, Knoxville, TN; buried May 1862 in Curryville, Gordon Co, Georgia;
Great-grandfather: Jesse Hubbard Davis, b. 28 March 1855, Henry Co, VA, d. 14 Mar 1901, Rosedale, Floyd Co, GA.;
Grandfather: Joseph Brown Davis, b. 25 Dec 1882, Floyd Co, Ga, d. 17 Feb 1961, Rome, Floyd Co, GA; Father: Nevin Brown Davis, b. 27 Nov 1912, Rosedale, Floyd Co, GA, d. 29 Nove 1995, Rome, Floyd Co, Georgia.

#74061 Thomas Blizard b. 1730-40, MD to Darlington Dist. SC, his son Josiah, b. abt 1770, SC, his son;
Voluntine Blizzard b. 27 July 1811, Barnwell, SC, d. 28 Feb 1889, Ridgeway, FF Co, SC, m. Elisabeth Levett, b. 20 Jan. 1810, North Carolina, d. 26 Feb 1891,Ridgeway, FF Co., SC, their son;
James T. Blizzard b. 1837, Fairfield Co, SC, d. 29 Oct 1864, POW, m. Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lee, their son;
James alias Thomas Arthur Blizzard, "Jim" b. 27 Sep 1863, Fairfield Co., SC, d. 5 Jan 1940, Aiken Co, SC m. Theoxena "Lockey" Spires, their son;
Purvis Grady Blizzard Sr.,b.31 May 1912, Aiken Co, SC, d. 3 Mar 1985, Aiken Co, SC m. Nancy "Nettie" Pool, SC, b. 10 Mar 1908, Aiken Co, SC, d. 22 Sep 1984, Aiken Co, SC.

#85345 John Henry Grant, Sr. b. 19 Feb 1790, Frederick, MD, d.19 Nov. 1853, Pickaway Co, Ohio; m. Susannah Johnson b. 1794, PA, d. 5 Aug 1852, Ohio, parents of; John Henry Grant, Jr. b. 1845, d. 23 July 1863; Samuel Grant b 28 May 1819 m. Susannah Gensel 5 June 1844 Pickaway Co, Ohio and d. 9 July 1895, parents of;
Amos Edward Grant b. 15 Oct, 1859 in Wash. Twp, Pickaway Co, Ohio. Died 20 Feb, 1934 Lanc, Ohio, parents of;
Webster Clay Grant born 13 Nov 1893 in East Ringgold,Ohio married a Daisy Bell Stebelton abt 1918, parents of;
Lowell Richard Grant born 10 Feb 1924 in Lanc, Ohio and d. 26 Oct 1988, m. Virginia Lee VanPerson b. 5 Feb 1935 and died 31 July 1987;
Donald Lee Grant Sr b. April 9, 1959 in Lanc, Ohio m.(1) Barbara June Bash 24 June 1979; m.(2) Jill Lydia Kohler Dec 5, 1999.

#90903: James H. Buchanan b. 3/31/1821 GA d. 6/1/1851 Jackson Parish, LA m. June 1844 Harris Co., GA to Nancy Ellen Hardin b. 1822 Chester Co., SC (d/o Robert Walker Harden and Priscilla Gresham). They lived in Meriwether Co., GA and had 2 children, Priscilla Ann b. 1845 and Robert Larkin b. 1847. In late 1847 they left heading west, in 1850 they are in the Jackson Parish, LA Census with another daughter Elizabeth Jane b. 1849 Jackson Parish, LA. Robert Larkin Buchanan was my gr grandfather through his son Elbert Hamilton Buchanan b. 1874 LA.

#N92163: James Herbert Hammond, descendant of:
Thomas Washington Hammond, born June 25, 1793, Maryland; died March 1872, Kentucky.

# 97633: Edward Parrish (1669-1723) (born and died in Anne Arundel County, Maryland) - married Mary Roberts in 1690
-John Parrish (1698-1745) (born in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and died in Baltimore) - married Elizabeth Roberts in 1726
-Isaac Parrish (1734-1826) (born in Baltimore and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - married Sarah Mitchell in 1759
-Joseph Parrish, MD (1779-1840) (born and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - married Susanna Cox in 1808
-Dillwyn Parrish (1809-1886) (born and died in Philadelphia) - married Susan Maxfield in 1841
-Stephen Parrish (1846-1938) (born in Philadelphia and died in Cornish, New Hampshire) - married Elizabeth Bancroft in 1869
-Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) (born in Philadelphia and died in Plainfield, New Hampshire) - married Lydia Ambler Austin in 1895
-Dillwyn Parrish (1904-1969) (born and died in Plainfield, New Hampshire) - married Marian Wrigley in 1938

# 102210 Contact Wanda Stokes Randle at Thomas Stokes, Sr., of Maryland, d bet 28 Aug-09 Oct 1820 Chester Co SC m Sarah Thomas Stokes, Jr., b c1771 m Frances Humphries, d c1830 Chester Co SC Charner Stokes, b 1816 SC, d c1908 Tippah Co MS m Nancy Smallwood 1840 Fayette Co GA
Wm. Lafayette Stokes, b 1861, AL d 1927 MS m Pollie White Wallace Murray Stokes, b 1889-d 1961 MS m Vera West Union Co MS Participant LIVING, b. 1926 in MS Note: Thomas Stokes moved his family to SC. Brothers Jeremiah Stokes and John Stokes also moved to SC. Possibly other family members left in Maryland.

#111988 John Collins (1778- ) m. Grace Costin
William Collins (1804/05-1849/50) m. Susan Parsons
John Collins (1828-1884) m. Emeline Richardson
Major Collins (1882-1948) m. Etta Jane Smith

#127187 Alexander McKee Sr, d. abt. 1715 , Kent, MD,
Alexander McKee Jr, (b. abt 1680, Cecil, MD d. abt 1735, Lanc. PA,) m. Susana,
John McKee (b. abt 1710, Cecil, MD, d. 1766 Meck. NC,) m. Mary,
Ambrose McKee, Sr. (b. abt. 1735, d. 13 Dec 1779, Meck. NC.) m. Eleanor (b. abt 1739, Meck. NC)
John McKee born 1763 - reportedly died ca 1833 Ambrose McKee born 1801-died ca1870 (living on 1870 census not 1880)
William Thomas McKee Oct 15 1829 Rutherford Co TN-living thru 1910 Hardeman Co TN
William Thomas McKee Jr 1851 Hardeman Co TN-1929 Hardeman Co TN.

#132876 James Edward McClure - 1955, York, PA
Edward Elicker McClure - 1927, York, PA - 2006, Penfield, NY m. Phyllis Jean Gerhard, 1930, Lancaster, PA
Edward Everett Powell McClure - 1896-1964, York, PA m. Anna Margaret Elicker, 1897- 1983, York, PA
William Arthur McClure - 1873 - 1932, York, PA m. Julia Virginia Axe, 1872- 1951 York, PA
William Jonathan McClure, 1838, Madison, Indiana - 1891, York, PA m. Emma Wolf, 1836 Adams Co, PA -1919 York, PA
Richard McClure, 1816, New Holland, PA - 1905, Baltimore, MD. m. Elizabeth Isabella Bain, 1818, Blenheim, VA - 1889, Baltimore, MD
Jonathan McClure, 1782, PA - 1885, Madison, Indiana m. Catherine Shafner, 1786, PA - 1864, Madison, Indiana
Jonathan McClure, 1750, Paxtang, PA - 1799, Middletown, PA m. Sarah Hays, 1749,Derry, PA - 1793, Middletown, PA
Richard McClure, 1724, Raphoe, Ireland - 1774, Paxtang, PA m. Jean Sage, 1728, Raphoe, Ireland - 1801

# 146884 Michael Carr, his: ggg-grandparents: Michael Carr m. Bridget Dwyer, Kilkenny, Ireland; gg-grandfather John Carr arrived 1857 aboard Hotspur; g-grandfather: John Carr m. Margaret O'shea; grandparents: John Richard Carr m. Annie Theresa Whalan; parents: Thomas Michael Gerald Carr.

#154930 Thomas Estep, Sr. b. abt. 1709, d. abt 1772, m. Mary, parents of; Shadrack Estep b. abt 1745, Anne Arundel, MD, d. 1801, Ashe Co, NC. m. Ruth, parents of; Moses Estep b. 1767, NC, d. abt. 1836, carter Co, TN, father of; Shadrack Estep b. 1814 Carter Co, TN, d. abt 1880 Carter Co, TN, m. Nellie b. abt 1824, parents of; Samuel Estep b. 1860 Carter Co, TN, d. abt 1950 carter Co, TN; m. Susan, parents of; George Estep m. Bessie Norris.

#166645 Cornelius Lycurgus Carter b. 24 Apr 1856 Lebanon, OR, d. 26 April 1944, Friday Harbor, Washington, son of; Benjamin Franklin Carter b. 5 Sep. 1833, Landsville, Henry Co, Indiana, d. 6 Oct 1870, Lebanon, OR, son of; Thomas Carter abt. 1788 Virginia to abt 1870, Maysville, Missouri.

#167559 Contact Steve at Steve's great grandfather was Luther Irvin Brown 1859-1945 married Anna Mary Stottlemeyer 1860-1954. Great Great was John M Brown 1823-1904, Thurmont, MD, married Margaret Fox 1826-1907 (brother to Ignatius Jr.)
Great Great Great was Ignatius Sr. 1781-1830 married Elizabeth McAfee 1781-1853
Great x4 was Thomas Sr. 1736-1787 married Hannah Pittinger 1748-?
Great x5 was William Sr. Dates? Great x6 Anthony Sr ?? Married ___ Langham
Great x7 John Jr
Great x8 John Sr. 1620-1701 married Sarah Minard
Great x9 William 1620 - 1665 to America 1634 St Mary's Colony MD, married Margaret Thimbleby
Great x10 Thomas Browne 1572 - ? Married Rebecca Queshing (England)
Great x11 John Brown 1527 married Margaret Scotte (England)
Great x12 John Brown 1507 (England)

#172819 John Burket Morrow; Birth: 1949; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Blair County, PA; Married: Karen Krista Knarr; --Parents:
David Austin Morrow, II; Birth: 1904; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Blair County, PA; Death: 1978; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Blair County, PA;Married: Mary Harnish Burket --Grandparents:
David Austin Morrow, I; Birth: 1860; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Blair County, PA; Death: 1934; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Blair County, PA; Married: Ellen “Nellie” Jane Parker; --G-Grandparents:
Samuel Morrow; Born: 1819; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Huntingdon County, PA; Death: 1882; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Blair County, PA Married: Elizabeth Jane Crawford; --GG-Grandparents:
Robert Morrow; Born: 1777; Location: Unknown; Death: 1855; Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Blair County, PA; Married: Margaret Moore; --GGG-Grandparents:
Robert Murray; Birth: unknown, Death: 1810 Location: Sinking Valley, Tyrone Township, Huntingdon County, PA Married: Rebecca (Cochoran or McNit)

#173004 Robert Thomas Veazey, son of; David Raymond Veazey, b. 12 Apr 1912, d. 21 Oct 2007, m. Annie, son of;
Robert Lee Veazey, d. 28 May 1966, Grayson, TX, m. Flora, son of;
Lyman Cunningham Veazey, 29 Sep 1846, Troup, GA, d. 26 Nov 1922, Grayson, Texas, son of;
George Washington Veazey, b. 1816, Greene, Georgia, d. 1864, Tallapoosa, Alabama, m. Elizabeth,son of; Timothy Veazey, 1780-9 Jan 1826, son of;
Zebulon Veazey, b. 1 Sep 1751, Greene, Gerogia, d. 14 March, 1826, Greene, Georgia, m. Nancy Ann Cain, son of;
James Veazey, Jr. b. 17 Aug 1725, Cecil Co, Maryland, d. 17 Dec 1789, Powelton, Hancock Co, Georgia, m. Elizabeth Johnston, son of;
James E. Veazey, Sr. b. 1684, Cecil Co, Maryland, d. 25 July 1766, Cecil Co, Maryland, m. Mary, son of;
John Veasey b. 1647, England, d. abt. 1696, Cecil Co, Maryland, USA, m. Martha.

#173880 Contact Betsy (Norris) Banzen at
Thomas Norris b: Abt. 1608 in Congham, Norfolk, England d: Abt. 1675 in MD m. Ann Hynson;
Edward Norris b: Oct 1639 in St. Mary's, MD d: Bet. 1695 - 1696 m. Mary Freeman;
Thomas Norris b: Abt. 1668 in Anne Arundel, MD d: Unknown m. Elizabeth Taney;
John Norris b: Bet. 1689 - 1690 in Anne Arundel, MD d: Bet. 1760 - 1761 in Baltimore, MD m. Ann;
James Norris b: Abt. 1715 in Baltimore, MD d: Bet. 21 Aug - 22 Nov 1798 in Harford, MD m. Elizabeth Davis;
Henry Davis Norris b: Sep 1767 in MD d: 30 Dec 1827 in Columbiana, OH m. Margaret Gordon;
James Norris b: 12 Jan 1792 in Harford, MD d: 28 Mar 1856 in Madison, Columbiana, OH m. Ruth Boyles;
James Norris b: 26 Oct 1827 in Madison, Columbiana, OH d: 22 Mar 1886 in Washington, Washington, PA m. Lovinia B. Young;
Joseph Enfield Norris b: 21 May 1871 in Woodville, Allegheny, PA d: 01 Jun 1906 in Woodville, Allegheny, PA m. Mary Frances Ryan;
Walter James Norris b: 10 Feb 1897 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA d: 17 Jun 1967 in Crown Point, Lake, IN m. Hildur Constance Johnson;
Kenneth Edward Norris b: 13 Feb 1918 in Grafton, Taylor, WV d: 08 Dec 2004 in Venice, Sarasota, FL m. Margaret Barnes Brown.

# 174469 Samuel Bradford:b.1727,Ireland(?);m.Sarah Bradford;d.1782,Fauquier Co.VA.
William Bradford:b.1770,Cecil Co.MD;m.Margaret Parkinson;d.1862,Mason Co.KY.
David Bradford:b.1806,Fauquier Co.VA;m.Mary Ann Terhune;d.1869,Adams Co.OH
David M. Bradford:b.1842,Adams Co.OH;m.Celesta Robinson;d.1905,OH. Elmer E. Bradford:b.1870,Brown Co.OH;m.Naoma Brittingham;d.1937, KY.
Ray M. Bradford:b.1894,Brown Co.OH;m.Mary Malone;d.1937,KY.
Ray T. Bradford:b.1923,Kenton Co.KY;m.Marlene Felter;d.2008,OH. Reid M. Bradford:b.1952. Y-DNA Kit

# 174469. 179953 William F. BrookePaternal Ancestry – surname Brooke
Richard Brooke1530-1593Whitchurch, Hampshire, England
Thomas Brooke1561-1612Whitchurch, Hampshire, England; Whitchurch, Hampshire, England
Robert Brooke1602-1655London, England; Brooke Place Manor, Calvert County, Maryland
Thomas Maj Brooke, Sr. Esq.1632-1676Battel, Sussex, England; Prince Frederick, Calvert, Maryland
Thomas Col. Brooke, Jr.1660-1730Nottingham, Prince George’s, MD; Brookefield, Prince George’s County, MD
Thomas 3rd Maj Brooke1683-1744Brookefield, Prince George’s, MD; Brookefield, Prince George’s, MD
Thomas 4th Maj Brooke1706-1749Charles, Maryland,; Nonesuch, Charles, Maryland
Thomas 5th Brooke1734-1789Frederick County, Maryland; William Darrell’s, Virginia
Thomas 6th Brooke1758-1790Maryland; Barnwell, Winton County, SC
Thomas 7th Brooke1790 –1819Barnwell, Edgefield, South Carolina; Barnwell County, South Carolina
Thomas Tobias Brooke1812-1863Barnwell or Edgefield County, South Carolina; Volusia County, Florida
Rufus Daniel Brooke1844-1920Georgia; Osteen, Volusia County, Florida
Herbert H. Brooke1879-1941Volusia County, Florida; Dania, Florida
William Fletcher Brooke1915-1971Mims, Brevard County, Florida; Dania, Florida

#180087 Luther Burton Dunn, 1814-1906 Erasmus Augustine Mansion Dunn, 1847-? Albert Clayton Dunn, 1871-1942 Carol Willis Dunn, 1907-1973 Steven L Dunn, 1941

#182654 1 William" Rebel" Lawson b: 26 Jun 1731 in Montrose, Scotland, d: 18 Apr 1826 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA + Rebecca Jane Banks b: 1735 in Ludenburg, Virgina, USA, m: 1758 in Halifax, Halifax, Virginia, USA, d: 16 Jan 1827 in Snowflake, Scott Co., Virginia, USA
.2 Travis Lawson b: 1766 in North Carolina, USA, d: 1855 in Montgomery Co., Kentucky, USA + Martha" Maysie" Simpkins b: 1767 in New York, USA, m: 04 Jan 1788 in Montgomery Co., Virginia, USA, d: 1850 in Morgan Co., Kentucky, USA
..3 William Lawson I b: 1804 in Montgomery, Virginia, d: 1870 in Dry Ridge, Manifee Co., Kentucky + Mary Dennis b: 1806 in Kentucky, m: 17 Dec 1824 in Morgon Co., Kentucky, USA, d:1870 in Dry Ridge, Manifee Co., Kentucky
...4 William B. Lawson b: 1838, d: 26 Oct 1897 in Valley, Lewis Co., Kentucky + Nancy A. Martin b: 1847 in Kentucky
...5 B. Frank Lawson b: 16 Apr 1872 in Kentucky, USA, d: 21 Feb 1948 in Lawshe, Adams Co., Ohio, USA + Mary Ann Drake b: Sep 1875 in Kentucky, USA
...6 William Edgar Lawson b: 15 Oct 1893 in Lewis, Kentucky, USA, d: 22 Nov 1932 in Mason Co., Kentucky + Della Urich Walker b: 06 Apr 1883, d: 01 Jun 1957 in Mason Co., Kentucky
....7 Orville Arnold Lawson b: 30 Jan 1916 in Kentucky, d: 27 Jan 1976 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA m. Mable Christine Ball b: 12 Jul1918 in Athens, Limestone, Alabama, USA
....8 Stanley Gordon Lawson b: 12 Dec 1939 in Maysville, Mason, Kentucky, USA + Linda Sue Dixon b: 18 Dec 1939 in West Union, Adams, Ohio, USA, m: Oct 1957
....9 Barry Gordon Lawson b: 21 Mar 1958 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA + Lori Ann McLivain b: 16 Sep 1961, m: 21 Feb 1989 in Kentucky, USA

#219582 Lineage of John Howell:

 1. Carson Howell was born 1768 in Bethcar, SC and died Oct 26 1836 in Augusta, Ga.. He married Nancy Dolly Cook. She was born Jan 26 1785 and died Oct 26 1862 in Bethcar, SC, daughter of Daniel Cook and Dorothy Unknown.   Other events in the life of Carson Howell; Burial: in Howell Cemetery, Bethcar, SC. 
--2. John Jacob Howell was born Feb 02 1804 in Orangeburg County, SC and died Aug 30 1868 in Lexington County, SC. He married Martha Ann Williamson. She was born Jun 25 1814 in Orangeburg County, SC and died Jan 04 1893 in Cedar Creek, Lex Cty, S C, daughter of Joseph Williamson and Rachel Pearson.  
 ---3. John Pearson Howell was born Apr 23 1836 in Black Creek, Lex Cty, SC and died May 19 1912 in Lexington County, SC. He married Cynthia Huckabee. She was born May 20 1844 in Lexington County, sC and died Oct 18 1918 in Lexington County, SC, daughter of Macon Huckabee and Lavinia Scott.
---- 4. John Jacob Howell was born Dec 03 1877 in Orangeburg County, SC and died Jun 13 1941 in Columbia. He married Myrtle Minerva Wise. She was born Dec 03 1900 in Swansea, SC and died Jun 01 1997 in Columbia, SC, daughter of John Henry Wise and Mary Jane Roberts.  --
------5.  John Joseph Howell was born Feb 20 1941 in Swansea, SC




#N48535: Stephanie Mickle-(-b. 1885 Wash. Co. MD, d.1960 New Orleans, LA.)m. Robert Nock Nina Lamar Thomas McKaig (b. 1861 Wilm. DE, d.1891 Mobile, AL.)m. Henry Mickle Margaret Tilghman (b. 1822 Wash. Co. MD, d. _____)m. Theodore Thomas, Brig. Gen. Thomas McKaig Louisa Lamar (b.1789 Fred. Co. MD, d. 1843 Wash. Co. MD)m.Col Frisby Tilghman Margaret Worthington (b. 1767 Balt. MD., d. 1821 MD)m. Col. William Lamar Mary Todd (b. 1740 MD, d._____ MD.)m. John Worthington Elinor (Eleanor) Dorsey (b. 1716 Annapolis MD., d.1760 MD)m. Thomas Todd Elinor (Eleanor) Warfield (b.1683 Annapolis, MD, d. 1752 MD)m. Caleb Dorsey Elinor Browne (b.1649 Manchester, London, Eng., d. 1690 Annapolis MD)m. Capt. Richard Warfield

#61365 Robert Ray Tipton (1942-present), Beatrice, Gage, NE Ruth Maxine Fuller (1919-1999) Beatrice, Gage, NE Emma Bridget Carr (1882-Abt 1960), Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IA Dorcas Elizabeth Cole (1859-?), (Whiteside, , IL Mary Jane Smith (Abt 1832-?), OH

#74059 Thomas Wilhelm m. Edith, Baltimore Co, Maryland. Elizabeth Wilhelm (Mennonite, b. 1810, Baltimore, MD) m. John Crowther, Sr. Banker of Towsen, MD, Mary Jane Crowther (b. 17 Dec. 1832, Balt, MD, d. 3 Feb 1867, Balt. MD) m. William Rowles (son of Harriot Donaldson and Josha Jennings Rowles.) 
Bessie Rowles (b. 9 May 1863, NE, d. 1953, Hugo, CO) m. Prof. James Walter Newman in Omaha,
Sybil Newman m. Clyde Headley d. CA.
Bernice Hadley (b. Council Bluff, IA) m. James H. Neel of Ft. Worth, TX. 

 N82421 Sarah "Sallie" Crockett b. 7/6/1773 Wythe Co.,Virginia, d. 9/15/1854 Virginia m. 1/13/1792 Thomas Harbert, Wythe Co. Virginia(b. 6/25/1773, Wythe Co. Virginia, d. 18??, Virginia)parents of: Mary "Polly" Crockett Harbert b. 4/22/1799 Max Meadows, Virginia, d. 5/8/1866, Denmark, TN, m. 3/28/1816 Theodric Bland Rice, Sparta, TN (b. 8/8/1781, Virginia, d. 12/18/1839, Mountains of TN)parents of: Sarah Angeline Rice b. 11/13/1829, Sparta, TN, d. 2/22/1891 Brownsville, TN, m. 12/18/1856 William Bennett Battle, Brownsville, TN, (b. 12/18/1812, Wake Co., NC d. 11/22/1869, Arlington, TN)parents of: Mary Ora Battle b. 2/28/1859, Arlington, TN, d. 2/7/1944, Brownsville, TN m. 10/4/1881, John Turner Gray, Brownsville, TN(b. 2/1/1851, Brownsville, TN, d.6/23/1925, Brownsville, TN)parents of: Sarah M. Gray b. 3/19/1885, Brownsville, TN, d. 11/9/1976, Ossining, NY m. 4/7/1914, Leslie Verne Case, Brownsville, TN (b. 10/1/1874, No. Cohocton, NY, d. 7/17/1937, Tarrytown, NY)parents of: George B. Case b. 12/8/1922, m. 7/15/1944, Peggy Kelly, Boston, NY (b. 6/4/1923, Memphis TN, d. 2/6/1997, Branford, CT)

#84362 Margaret G. Males b. 1918,Alexander, Athens, Ohio, daughter of;
Harry C. Males descendant of Sara Ann Davis and Soloman Males, son of;
George Washington Males and wife Elbe Norris, daughter of;
Sam Norris born 1750 Maryland, from the "Lenape tribe," and his wife Prity Hair, from New York 1700s.

#N84600: Nancy Ellen Baileyb. 8 Sep 1950, Salisbury, Wicomico, Maryland, USA
Nancy Ellen Rosalie Howard, b. 30 Oct 1919, Crisfield, Somerset, Maryland, USA, d. 5 Sep 2003, Charlotte, Mecklenberg, North Carolina, USA;
Alice May Evans, b. 11 Mar 1900, Crisfield, Somerset, Maryland, USA, d. 8 Jun 1971, Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia, USA;
Margaret L.Nelson, b.20 Oct 1882, Crisfield,Somerset, Maryland, USA, d. 1 Feb 1953, Cohoes, Albany, New York, USA;
Nancy A. E. Bradshaw, b. May 1848-1850, Smith Island, Somerset, Maryland, USA, d. 16 Jul 1902, Crisfield, Somerset, Maryland, USA; Rachael/Rachel Hoffman, b. May 1817, Virginia, USA, d. 1 Jun 1901, Crisfield, Somerset, Maryland, USA

#122228 Ronald K. Potter, son of: Golden Daisy Headley b. 6 March 1899 d. 23 Dec 1963, Omaha, Nebraska, married Harold Potter; --Caroline Smith b. 9 Feb 1861 Iowa, d. 19 Sep 1940, Iowa, married 17 Jun 1879, Harrison Co, Iowa, George W. Headlee b. 5 Mar 1850, d. 25 Mar 1933, Council Bluff, Iowa;
--Margaret Ann Stephens, b. 14 Aug 1826 Tennessee, d.Dec 1910, Harrison Co, Iowa, married 1850 Iowa, Charles W. Smith, Sr. b. 1 April 1820, Alabama, died Harrison Co, Iowa;
--Mary "Polly" Reynolds, b. 28 Jan 1810, Jackson Co, Alabama, d. 21 May 1855 Pottawattami Co, Iowa, married Adam Stephens, b. 23 May 1806, Alabama, d. 6 June 1855, Pottawattami Co, Iowa;
--Jane Ready b. 1790, Virginia, d. Gibson, Tennessee, married 1807 Alabama, Edward Reynolds b. 1787, Gulford Co, North Carolina, d. 1828, Gibson, Tennessee;
--Anna Snickers, b. 1744, Frederick Co, Virginia, d. 1830 Wake, North Carolina, married 1763 Wake, NC, Nathaniel Jones b. 1746, Johnston, North Carolina, d. Feb. 1810, Wake, North Carolina;
--Catharina Robinson, of Baltimore, Maryland, d. Frederick Co, Virginia, married 1 Nov 1720 Henry Snickers (Suicher) b. Delaware, d. 1749 Frederick Co, Virginia, son of Hendrick Joransson;
--Anna Walwraven marriedd Edwardson b. 1676, England, d. 31 May 1761;
--Christina Ollesdotter b. before Nov 1641 Sweden, d. 1698 Safe Harbor, New Castle Co, Delaware, married Walraven Jansen de Vos, d. before 1 March 1680/1. Christina was the daughter of Olaf Thorsson.

# 126290: 5th Great Grandmother: Osiller Allison/Ellison: b. May 24, 1768, Frederick Co., Maryland; d. Jan. 22, 1850, Baileyton, Greene Co., TN, m. Oct. 27, 1785 in Rockingham Co, NC. Henry Tarrant: b. Dec. 2, 1765 Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts: d. Feb. 7, 1833 Greene Co., TN;
4th Great Grandmother: Rebecca Tarrant: b. May 5, 1795, NC, d. June. 20, 1853, Greene Co., TN; m. Jan. 30, 1816 in Greene Co. TN. Joseph McCurry: b.Sep. 20, 1794 Greene Co., TN, d. Jan. 3, 1841, Greene Co., TN;
3rd Great Grandmother: Polly McCurry: b. Apr. 27, 1817, Greene Co., TN, d. unknown, TN, m. Date unknown Samuel Newton Bruner: b. Jul. 25, 1803, Frederick Co., VA: d. Dec. 23, 1868, Baileyton, Greene Co., TN;
2nd Great Grandmother: Margret Bruner: b. May 15, 1840, Sullivan Co., TN, d. December, 1900, Sullivan Co., TN, m. Date unknown Rufus King Watkins: b. October 30, 1844, Sullivan Co., TN: d. March 4, 1911, Sullivan Co., TN;
Great Grandmother: Alice Watkins: b. 1871, Jonesborough, Washington Co., TN, USA; d. 1946, Geary, Blaine Co., Oklahoma: m.Date unknown Eli R. Green: b. Oct. 9, 1870, TN: d. Jun. 27, 1913 Texhoma, Texas Co., Oklahoma;
Grandmother: Lena Green: b. Jul. 2, 1893, Jonesborough, Washington Co., TN: d. Nov., 1977, El Reno, Canadian Co., Oklahoma; m. April 21, 1915, Texhoma, Oklahoma Harland Smith Burns: b. March 17, 1890, Iowa d. 1954, Geary, Blaine Co., Oklahoma.

#132876 James Edward McClure - 1955, York, PA Phyllis Jean Gerhard, 1930, Lancaster, PA Phyllis Adeline Hornberger, 1907, Union Grove, PA - 1997, Lancaster, PA m. Edwin Gerhard, 1908, Lancaster, PA - 1962, Ephrata, PA Susanna Hoffman Gehman, 1884, Martindale, PA - 1953, Stevens, PA m. Reuben Solomon Hornberger, 1882, Brecknock, PA - 1968, Denver, PA Sarah Ann Hoffman, 1855, Ephrata, PA - 1932, Martindale, PA m. Elias Eberly Gehman, 1853, Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA - 1936, Lancaster Co., PA

# 139462 Great grandmother - Mary Catherine Moore, born Jan 20, 1848 in MD, married Samuel T Wallace in 1867 in Iowa, died May 28, 1894 in Nebraska
Grandmother - Ethel Rebecca Wallace, born May 5, 1894 in Nebraska, Married Myron McNeal in 1912 in California, died Jul 3, 1940 in California
Mother - Marjorie Louise McNeal, born Mar 14, 1922 in California, married Bill Edwin Horner in California, died Aug 26, 2008 in California

#147166 Priscilla Elizabeth Grafton m. John Chamberlaine
Priscilla M. Chamberlaine (b. about 1773, MD, d. 1863, LaPlatte, NE.) m. William Donaldson;
Harriot Donaldson (b. 15 Dec 1798 Balt., MD, d. 1875 Bellevue, NE) m. Joshua Jennings Rowles of Anne Arunel, MD.;
Frances Elizabeth Rowles (b. 1820, Balt., MD, d. 1890, NE) m. Samuel W. T. Daley II,;
Lecretia E. Daley (b. 8 Jul 1846, Balt., MD, d. 30 Jul 1898, Sarpy Co, NE) m. Marion Franklin Wood,;
Ethel Adele Wood (b. 26 Feb 1880, d. 22 Mar 1977) m. James Milton Haney,;
Nina Shirley Haney (b. 1909, NE) m. Earl Wilson Schultz.

#182101: Karen Louise Holdorf Johnson, Mother: Anna May (Gross)Holdorf, Bel Air, MD 1925-2008 Grandmother: Ethel May (Parks) Gross 1907-1986 and James B. Gross, 1901-1960, Harford Co. MD G. Grandmother: Rebecca (Hughes) Parks(MD) and John H. Parks(PA), Abingdon, MD, Harford Co. MD GG Grandmother: Anna (Baker) Hughes and George A. Hughes, MD, 1849-1920?

An email request from a FTDNA member:

Email Connie at this address: <>

Connie wrote to the Maryland DNA porject:

"Hi Barbara

First off I cannot contribute much - tested m & my brother tested YDNA at the same time.....last year we both did the Family Finder Tests. I note so many of your group with our surnames that perhaps I can be of help to someone and perhaps someone could help me also. My brother and I belong to the Ireland Group, Cumberland Gap Group and I belong to the Haplo 'V' Group. My brother also belongs to the LOVE DNA project.

I will list all the names we search . Some I know are from MD, some went into PA and many went on into VA , KY and TN.

Beard - connects to our Gaither..................Ijams - connects to our Gaither........Ogg - connects to our Gaither

all in Anne Arundel Co MD, before going to NC

Ryan - of possibly Baltimore connected there to Daniel McComesky then to Amherst Co VA then NC and KY

pre Rev War

Griffith - not sure of MD connection, but believe our line was early PA to VA to TN

Fuller - Henry Fuller b 1717 Baltimore pre Rev War, parents John and Sarah Fuller, went to Augusta Co VA md Catherine Salling

Wright - possibly Oyster Bay NY family....traversed MD - PA - York VA, finally Amherst Co VA c Rev War

Randle/Randall - Augusta Co VA, md into Beavers, Clack families of early VA

Green - of VA pre Rev War - allied names Vinson, Bass, Wherry, Rankin our line settled NC and Wilson Co TN

Scott (connected to our Felps/Fulps line) not sure if any MD connection, Michael Felp/Fulp b 1755 Lancaster Co

PA served Rev War, settled Stokes Co NC md Phebe Scott - her family is supposed to have originated in Conneticut in the 1740's

Love - have no clue if this family was ever in MD, we believe we are the PA Love maiden name was Love

I have at least some info on some families and a lot on others...I could share - if any of your DNA group want to email me.

I would love to find a connection to some of these MD surnames listed