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Gedeon Merlet b. ca 1624, from Roussy, France, is thought to have been the progenitor of most of the Marlatts, Malotts, Mellotts living in the United States and Canada today.  He married Margariet Martin in Leiden, Holland on 21 August 1644.  In 1662, Gedeon with his wife and four sons traveled from Leiden, Holland to Staten Island, New Amsterdam [now New York].  Those sons who came to Staten Islands were: Josias chr. 17 September 1645, Leiden, Holland; Paulus chr. 14 September 1653, Mannheim, Germany; Abraham chr. 3 February 1656, Mannheim, Germany; and Jean Pierrat chr. 18 April 1658, Mannheim, Germany. 

Numerous family members have traced their ancestries back to Gedeon Merlet.  Many of the Marlatts from Ontario, Canada are descendants of Josias chr. 1646.  Abraham’s (chr. 1656) early Marlatt and Marlett descendants lived in New York, New Jersey and Virginia.   The Malott and Mellott families descended from Jean Pierrat chr. 1658.  Some of Jean’s early descendants lived in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ontario, Canada.  No living descendants of Paulus chr. 1653 have been identified.   

One of the goals of this DNA project is to identify the descendants of Gedeon Merlet b. ca 1624.  If your surname is Marlatt, Marlett, Malott, Mellott or a similar spelling variant or if you are researching the descendants of Gedeon Merlet, please join the Marlatt-Merlet Family DNA Project to help us determine the various branches of the family.

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