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This project was begun in 2000, with the first y-DNA tests submitted in 2003. The early days of DNA testing for genealogy was one which required a great deal of research, persistence, perseverance and reassurance! Potential members were concerned about what exactly was being tested "for" (genetic diseases, paternity, even cloning!), what who would have access to this information and what would be "done" with their genetic materials once testing was complete. Information regarding DNA research being carried out in Poulton, England on what were suspected to be the remains of Nicholas Manley was the impetus for the earliest efforts at getting this project underway.

Since then, 65+ members with various surname spellings and origins from Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, the US and elsewhere globally have been tested, with a current project membership of 68. Our project now includes members who have tested for "Y", MtDna and Family Finder results. We have found many definite matches among our group, some possible (more distant) matches and are still looking for the future members out there who will provide our "missing links".

It has always been the project's goal to provide a family tree for every group member. DNA results alone are not going to achieve the desired results of reconnecting the lines of this extensive family tree. Having the information on those family lines represented along with the DNA results will help determine where and through whom those found connections occurred.

If you have difficulty in tracing those family lines there are others in the group who are willing and happy to assist you with that undertaking. FamilyTree updates all group and member information automatically, with the exception of "grouping" the results into the various "subgroups". There is also automatic notification to members when they have received test results and/or a match to any others in the extensive FtDna database. So there will never be a delay in members being notified of their results. Our Project has an extensive site apart from this project summary page, (generously provided by FtDna).

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Our site provides information on the group as a whole, information based on subgroups and information for each member of the project, with each member having his/her own "page". Comments and/or questions may be posted on all but the "welcome" page. There is also a forum for more in depth discussion. Since our project is one of long standing, we have had a few members with e-mail changes. Please remember it is critical for contact information to be updated as necessary. We would also like to strongly encourage "Y" members to test at least 25-37 markers (67 being the ideal). The more markers tested, the more accurate the results will be. We do have limited funds available in our general funds and are delighted to accept donations (no amount is too small). We use a group consensus to determine where those funds will be spent. We have used these funds for those who would like to join our project or to expand testing, but find that the expense may not be within their reach. Since this is a group project, input, suggestions and assistance from all members has always and will always be welcomed and encouraged.

FTDNA Family Finder Tests

We have new members who have signed up for the Family Finder Test. Once we have a few matches, we will determine the best method of displaying those results. For those who may find the terminology or even the concept of DNA for genealogical purposes confusing or even intimidating, please visit the FtDna's Help section, where you can find commonly asked questions and answers.

For an in depth, extensive explanation please visit ISOGG It is also important for the "Y" project members to share their results with By doing so you may compare you results to others who may not be included in the extensive FtDna's database.

Interested in taking that first step in testing? Perhaps you can join with a sibling, aunt, uncle and share the expense of the first kit! Our most recent Phylograph, which shows the connections between our project members. Red nodes indicate a "mutation" where we currently have no project member. Could this "missing link" be you? The only way to know for sure is by joining us and testing!