Malagasy Roots

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About us

The people of Madagascar have a fascinating history embedded in their DNA. 17 known slave ships came from Madagascar to North America during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. As a result, we find Malagasy DNA in the African American descendants of enslaved people, often of Southeast Asian origin. One of the goals of this project is to discover the Malagasy roots of African Americans and connect them with their cousins from Madagascar. Please join us in this exciting endeavor.

mtDNA Haplogroups of interest include: B4a1a1b (Build 16), B4a1a1a2 (Build 15) - the "Malagasy Motif", M23, M32c, M46, M7c3c, F3b1, R9. L3f1b1 and others
Y-DNA Haplogroups include: O1a2 - M50, O2a1 - M95/M88, O3a2c - P164, O - M175 and others

**If tested at less than the full mitochondrial sequence or at another company, your haplogroup subclade may vary slightly from those listed and still be of Malagasy origin. Please contact the admins with questions.