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  • 21 January 2010 The Maghreb project is open to all E-M81 members.
  • 25 December 2009 A project called Walk through the Y chromosome has been launched in the beginning of 2009. This project is looking for new SNP by sequencing a large part of the Y chromosome. Many new SNP have been found already. I invite all members of Maghreb Project and especially those who belong to E1b1b1b2 (M81) to join this project. The cost of the Test is 750$ per participant. The application Form for the test can be found in this link.
  • 24 December 2009 Classification of a new Sub-Group called E1b1b1b2-Common Haplotype this is an interesting sub-group as all the members, except two, share the same haplotype at 12 markers. One member (Kit no E9120 from Tunisia) is mismatching only at 385b, he has 15, and the rest of the group has 14. Another Member(Kit no 118952, from Morocco) is mismatching at 389|1 and 389(389|2-389|1), he the most distant member from the rest of the group. It seems that this 12 markers haplotype is very common in North Africa, actual members of this group are from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. only two members have tested 67 markers (Kits no 163723 (Tunisia) and 157958 (Libya)), they have a GD (Genetic Distance) of 15/67. Using a mutation rate of 0.002. We obtain by using this calculator
  •         Probability N.Generation(TMRCA) ________________________________ 50%     71 80%     87 95%     104
  • 24 December 2009 Classification of a new Sub-Group called Flitta-Algeria. this sub-Group belong to E1b1b1b2 characterized by the mutation M81 and it is the most frequent haplogroup in the Maghreb.
  •  It is closely linked to Amazigh(AKA Berber) populations. 
  • This Sub-Group has a distinctive value 10 at 391, whereas the most common value in E(M81) is 9. It seems that this sub-group is relatively young as only two mutations compared to the modal haplotype are observed (at 389|1 for Kit no 126494 and at 389|2 for Kit no 113047) the other two members (Kits no 148621 and 139966) have the same haplotype. It is tough to estimate the STR markers
  • An interesting Ethnological Article about Flitta tribe, written by Mme Audette Auzas can be found here (in French).