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The concept of a genetics study for Clan MacLeod was first proposed to the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies [ACMS] in 1974 as a chromosomal analysis, definitive DNA analysis not being readily available at that time. The proposal was declined because in the minds of the leadership at that time such would be "an invasion of privacy." Now, thirty years later, the ACMS has completed a study involving over 550 initial volunteers under the auspices of University College London [UCL]. This study had two arms: an investigation of possible MacLeod surname DNA linkages and a search for Viking DNA linkages. The results of this study can be found at the ACMS Web Site, Two Group Names are now sponsored by the ACMS as continuations of the UCL study, one for the surname MacLeod, however spelled, and one for the Sept surnames of Clan MacLeod. Like the surname MacLeod, many of the Sept surnames have multiple variations and spellings and only the main ones have been included in this listing, although others are eligible to participate. It should be noted that some Sept surnames, such as MacAulay, may refer to two entirely different lineages, and some refer to widely settled families, such as Beaton, only part of whom were connected with Clan MacLeod. There are two ancient branches of Clan MacLeod, the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan and the MacLeods of Lewis and Raasay. Individuals with Sept surnames connected to either branch are encouraged to participate in the study.