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About us

There are Mackays in many countries besides Scotland where the family originated. Mackay soldiers left Scotland to serve in Holland and other European countries, especially after the 1600s. Many of them settled in those countries and left descendants carrying the Mackay name or a local variation. In the 1600s and 1700s other Mackays made their way to North America and settled in Canada and the U.S. Especially after the clearings and the Jacobite rebellions. More recently a number of Mackays also made their way to Australia and New Zealand (there is even a city named Mackay in Australia.)

The goal of this project is to help Mackays, no matter where they live, to trace their connection back to Scotland. Any male Mackay can be tested and his DNA results will be compared to all others who participate in the surname project. We also welcome anyone whose name may have been Mackay, including but not limited to, McKay, McCoy, Kee, Kees, Key, Kies, MacCoy, Mackaay, Macke, Mackey, MacKie, McIe, McKay, McKee, McKoy, Mikkenie, and other variations.