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Machula is a relatively rare surname. It is probably Sudovian (Yotvingian), Old Prussian, or possibly Lithuanian in origin, from the Baltic region. The former two languages are long extinct, and their speakers' descendants lived in an area with frequent border changes. Many of the them assimilated into Polish, German, Russian, or Lithuanian culture. One result of the instability has been for many Machulas to emigrate to other countries, both within Europe and far overseas. I have found a few Machulas in each of the following countries: Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, the UK, Ukraine, and the USA.

Besides the registered variants listed above, other possible spellings include: Matchula, Matschula, Matschulet, Matschullat, Maczuleit, Macula, Mačula, Maculatis, Mačulatis, Maciulatis, Mačiulatis, Mačiulaitis. The ending -atis or -itis is a Baltic patronymic suffix meaning 'son of.' The meaning of the surname Machula, with its original suffix attached, is probably 'son of Matthew.' Therefore, it is possible the surname had multiple original forebears who were not related.

Any funds donated to the general fund will be used to purchase 37 marker Y-DNA tests for Machula males who cannot otherwise afford it. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!