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Matthew MacMillan Matthew MacMillan
November 2 @ 12:29am
Hi, Does anyone in this group have ancestry in Prince Edward Island, Canada? My Great Grandfather Clement McMillen (may have been spelled MacMillan) was born there in 1858. His father's name was John and his mother was Flora, possibly Campbell or Walker. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Charles McMellon
December 15 @ 10:16am
Google Mcmullen clan in Canada.
philip griffin
May 3 @ 7:17pm
Yes Archibald born 1845 and Hugh born 1848. Lived in Lot 7 PE. havent come across a Clement though. My gedmatch s a595314
Rick McMillen Rick McMillen has a question!
February 4 @ 12:43pm
I am in FamilyTreeDNA and have received results of y67 are my results automatically get transferred into the groups results?
Gary McMillian
February 11 @ 12:21pm
Yes, your results should show up automatically in the MacMillan Surname Project, as long as you are a member of the project
Michael Griffin Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin Michael Griffin
February 11 @ 5:12am
I got my family McMillan book 'Record of McMillan and Allied Families' which focus on my Grandmother side which I am in this book from Georgia and North Carolina from Cape Fear 1774 from Kintyre Scotland - if you think you are a part of this family and need anything, just contact me. Also a FREE McMillan Family book is on Internet Archives website under the text section under search 'McMillan family' and you will see it. You can download the book free which is about 700 pages and deals with the northern McMillan who went into New York and Penn.
Don McMillan Don McMillan has a question!
January 25 @ 5:27pm
David McMullan the father of Edward McMullan. This is a guess as the oldest child of David is an Archibald. They lived in Antrim County and David was born around 1820. Anyone have any info on this line??
Don McMillan Don McMillan has a question!
January 25 @ 5:26pm
I “think” that I have an Archibald in Northern Ireland the father of
Calvin McMillan Calvin McMillan
January 23 @ 7:54pm
I am trying to obtain information on my ancestor John McMillan. He left Ireland in 1804 on the ship Diligence with his entire family. On the ship's manifest he is listed as a farmer from County, Cavan. His wife is listed as Mary, but in his will as Jean. He purchased 325 acres of land in Knox County, Tennessee and lived there until his death in 1813. Based on polling records and court documents, he is estimated to have been born in 1758. I have a pretty much complete record on this side of the ocean, but not of his family history before he migrated. Based on the information I have I believe him to have been a brother to either Alexander McMillan born 1749 or his wife Margaret McMillan, also Alexander's first cousin.
Terence Marks Terence Marks
December 13 @ 1:40am
I manage my father in laws kit for him. His mother was Eveline/Evelyn McMillan b. 1900 from Carrickfergus Antrim Ireland. She married an Englishman James Thomas Marks and spent her life in England where the FIL remains in his late 70's. Our tree is on ancestry if anyone wants to have a look, it is called Martin Marks Lines.
George McMillan George McMillan
December 9 @ 9:13am
Is anyone related to Hugh McMillan of Maryland (about 1750-1791)? He served through the Revolutionary War. We are not sure if he came from Ireland or Scotland, but he arrived before the war. He was married to Mary Hicks (1755-1805). His son was Thomas McMillan and he and his sons settled in West Virginia.
jamie McMillen-Neville jamie McMillen-Neville
August 12, 2017 @ 12:39pm
I am looking to trace my McMillen family line to my original ancestor that migrated to the Americas so i can figure out if he came from Ireland or Scotland. I have 2 matches here that share the surname or some variant spelling. I have gotten pretty far back through ancestry, but I have hit a dead end.
Daniel McMullan
August 26, 2017 @ 2:07am
It is a good possibility that your ancestors lived in both places but I imagine if you go back far enough you will find yourself in Ireland.
jamie McMillen-Neville
September 22 @ 9:03am
My dad just took a Dna test through ancestry and it linked him to Ulster Ireland, Dongeal so I guess there is my answer. I have three different dna tests and all of them say completely different things. Its pretty disappointing!
Michael Griffin
October 9 @ 4:43am
Mine moved from Kintyre Scotland, and landed in Wilmington NC in 1774 and went up Cape Fear to Cumberland County. Also in Richmond County NC, from Malcom McMillan Sr. and Jr. later moved to Nashville Georgia early 1800s by Daniel McMillan - My grandmother was a McMillan, named Geneva -
Denise Kersting
November 16 @ 2:56pm
Hi Jamie, my family uses the "en" variant as well did some of your early US ancestors happen to have settled in PA? Mine went from Ireland, to PA, to OH.