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jamie McMillen-Neville jamie McMillen-Neville
August 12, 2017 @ 12:39pm
I am looking to trace my McMillen family line to my original ancestor that migrated to the Americas so i can figure out if he came from Ireland or Scotland. I have 2 matches here that share the surname or some variant spelling. I have gotten pretty far back through ancestry, but I have hit a dead end.
jamie McMillen-Neville
January 4 @ 8:35am
Denise I dont think so. I have no records of anyone in PA. I get stuck at James McMillen, born in Ireland in 1824-25 married to Dorthea Ann Benson(born in Ohio/her father England). On all of his census records it states he was born in Ireland, but I cannot find his immigration records. It's like he just pops up in Ohio to marry. I cannot find anything before that.
Rossa Mullen
January 4 @ 10:59am
What Y-DNA haplogroup does he belong to? If he hasn't done one, do a Y DNA test here at FTDNA, that is the best way to find out about his direct male line.
Douglas MacMillan
March 14 @ 12:14pm
Michael Griffin, I too have MacMillans from Kintyre. The oldest is Hugh MacMillan, tenant at Gartvain, died in 1832. He married Barbara McVicar. Any relationship?
Michael Griffin
March 15 @ 7:58am
Douglas MacMillan, there is a good chance. I would have to look at my Two McMillan family Tree Books. We were tenants as well and they went up Cape Fear River in North Carolina to Cross Creek (Fayetteville today). I believe the year was 1777 they left from Greenock Port in Scotland.
Karl McMillan Karl McMillan
June 16, 2016 @ 11:32am
I recently joined the project. My name is McMillan, but I am only able to trace my paternal ancestor back to my great grandfather, Thomas McMillan, who lived in North Carolina. My Y37 results (predicted R-M269) most closely match a Maloy (exact match out to 37 STRs), with next nearest matches named Maloy, Purcell and McSporran. Based on my closest match, who tested as R-Z202, I decided to order the R1b - M343 Backbone SNP Pack about a week ago. Then, seeing the sale today, I also upgraded to 67 STRs (what the heck!). I'm waiting for the backbone SNP results to determine which more specific R1b haplogroup project to also join.
Calvin McMillan
February 14 @ 6:13pm
Do you know his dod or dob. I have a Thomas who lived in East Knox County,TN. At one time that area was considered part of N.C.
Karl McMillan
March 14 @ 2:37am
Calvin, my great grandfather Thomas lived 1837 to 1921 in Robeson County, North Carolina. Since my original post here I upgraded to Big Y, which confirmed that I share a common paternal ancestor with my original Maloy match (Maloy/Malloy/Molloy ancestors who came from the Isle of Jura, Argyllshire, to NC). We are so close that a new branch on the Y tree was identified.
Kenny MacDonald Kenny MacDonald
March 13 @ 7:09am
Are there any MacMillans in the project who have their roots in the island of Lewis and are descended from Murdo MacMillan (Murchadh Bárd), who is said to have come to the Lochs district from Gigha around 1762?
Dennis McMillian Dennis McMillian has a question!
February 22 @ 7:42am
I admin the dna for my brother. I have included it here as our last name is McMillian. We are looking to determine whether we actually belong to the McMillian line or not. I however have no idea on how to read these results or compare them to others. Any help is appreciated. His kit number is 885862.
Richard J. FINLEY (R-M222/R-S675/R-FGC32830) Richard J. FINLEY (R-M222/R-S675/R-FGC32830) has a question!
January 21 @ 6:01pm
Looking at the DNA Grouping for R-M269 and each of the subclaves of that in the R-M222 I would like to know - START: R-DF49 goes to R-Z2980, then R-S476, R-DF23, R-Z2981 to R-M222 - then from there it goes R-S658, R-S661, R-S660 and finally R-S675. I have done my Big Y-500 and it now lists me as R-FGC32830. Because we are from an adopted father, which of these haplogroups is my best search match to find our biological surname. The closest I come to is Hegerty/Haggarty which are in a range of R-FGC32820 - R-FCG32825 - R-FGC32828 and finally R-FGC32835. I am suppose to find a match with the name McGill and this haplogroup just doesn't come close. Any advice out there to help me zero in better than where I am? ” I know there are McMillan in my tree and I am hoping one of you might be an R-FGC32830?
Michael Griffin
January 22 @ 3:30pm McGurk; McGuirt; Hegarty; Haggerty The surname McGurk was first found in County Tyrone (Irish:Tír Eoghain), the ancient territory of the O'Neills, now in the Province of Ulster, central Northern Ireland. They were descended from King Niall of the Nine Hostages, who died in France in the year 365 A.D. McGurk meant "son of Corc.".
Gary McMillian
February 9 @ 1:22pm
I placed you in the R-M222 subgroup, the "Niall of the Nine Hostages" haplogroup as pointed out by Michael. I do see some MacMillan matches for you at 111 markers and below, as you already know, but none with your terminal SNP. While you wait for a close relative to take the BIG Y or SNP test, I recommend filling out your family tree with cousins, my approach while I wait for Y-DNA matches. Those cousins I can't place in my tree I presume are matches from the many "unknowns" that remain in my tree.
Janet Penley Janet Penley
August 21, 2015 @ 7:40pm
My McMillin family goes back to William McMillin/Lucy Terrill married 1796 in Madison Ky. USA born cir 1775 Virginia
Leroy McMillin
January 16 @ 7:21am
I suspect some of them made their way to Mississippi and Louisiana. There are a lot of McMillin's in Mississippi and a few in the Catahoula Parish area of Louisiana. My grandfather claimed we were Irish but never pinpointed where In Ireland. I've since narrowed it down to Northern Ireland near Belfast.
Bette Sharp-Grace Bette Sharp-Grace
January 5 @ 10:03am
Does anyone come from Haplogroup H10 (besides me)
Bobby Payton Bobby Payton
January 3 @ 5:11pm
This is a long story & just a summation on my part! My name is Rita Payton Hallett & I had my brother Bobby Payton take the Y37 DNA test. Not 1 Payton showed up. What I do know is this: John Peyton married Catherine Slaughter, daughter of Richard & Catherine Slaughter in 1834 in Kanawha, VA. Before 1840 they removed to Louisa Co., IA along with Catherine's parents & siblings. John died before 1850. I have much info from here down. What I don't know is John's parents or siblings names. Now, my thoughts: John was not actually a Payton/Peyton, but perhaps a McMullan. The closest relationships on the Y DNA were all some form of the name McMullan. I did an Ancestry DNA & it hinted to a DNA Circle comprised of 13 people related to me & also related to Catherine McMullan! Thinking perhaps John's mother died & he was raised by someone named Peyton?? I have been stumped at this BIG brick wall for over 40 years!!! Any help would be appreciated! I know I am grasping at straws, but hoping I pick the right straw. LOL
Bobby Payton
January 3 @ 5:13pm
Btw, I am 30% Irish/Scottish
Duncan McMillan Duncan McMillan has a question!
November 25 @ 2:18am
HI, I have been asked to contribute my results to Clan Maelanfaid. Have any other McMillans been asked to do so? I noticed that this medieval grouping was associated with Lochaber. Any thoughts as to relationship?
David McMillan
November 26 @ 9:18pm
I'm not familiar with Clan Maelanfaid however, there were many Mc/MacMillans in the Lochaber area. So, a relationship is certainly a possibility.
Duncan McMillan
December 24 @ 4:51pm
Graeme has mentioned to me that a few M'Millans have been approached.
Duncan McMillan Duncan McMillan
December 24 @ 4:49pm
From the land of the long white cloud, may I wish M'Millans and related kindred, wherever you are, a Merry Christmas and a happy Hogmanay. May 2019 provide many more members and insights. Thanks David and Gary for being administrators.