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Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan
14 hours ago
In 1802 there was a large migration of MacMillans and assorted families from the Lochaber region in Scotland to Upper Canada. These people are from the Murlaggan branch and the trip was organized by Archibald McMillan. There was a book published about the journey called "the Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry". Canadiana Heritage has published the fonds of Archibald McMillan at There are over 900 pages of letters and documentation but the script is not easy reading. I think we are still looking for a confirmed Murlaggan for DNA testing. If you have any relatives on the list (448 people) let us know.
Charles Flaherty Charles Flaherty
June 15 @ 9:28am
Just joined the group, my paternal Grandmother was a Bell from the Glasgow area. Is there a post to read for how to properly use the group?
Robert McMillan
June 17 @ 3:28pm
Hi Charles. Welcome to the group. This project is focused on the YDNA results of MacMillans and their Septs. While you are welcome to join we are not focused on autosomal DNA or mtDNA. We are focused on YDNA STRs and SNPs of the MacMillans. Bells ect. In an attempt to build a phylogenetic tree based on the y chromosome.
Michael Griffin Michael Griffin
September 12 @ 10:35pm
I was asked to add the Family line of the Scotland McMillans from my family book Records of McMillan and Alloed Families by Robert H. McMillan Jr. I am on Page 395 of this book yet this might help some people with McMillan research
Jacqueline smith
May 25 @ 5:53pm
Very cool to see my tree go down another line. I'm a decendant of Hector 6th of knap.
Kaye O'Reilly O'Reilly Kaye O'Reilly O'Reilly
May 5 @ 7:26pm
Hi, It looks like I have successfully become a member of this group. My brother is going to get a ydna kit, which test kit would you recommend he buy? We are in Australia, will the Y 37 kit be enough for this project? that is $185 Australian dollars at present
Kaye O'Reilly O'Reilly
May 5 @ 7:26pm
Looks like I already need to change my name??????????
Kaye O'Reilly O'Reilly
May 5 @ 7:59pm
It won't let me change my name, can one of the Admins do it? One O'Reilly will do me
Robert McMillan
May 7 @ 12:39am
Welcome. Any testing level is enough for this project. The Y37 Kit is a great start. It will allow your placement into the related group of McMillans that your results define.
Robert McMillan
May 9 @ 7:00am
Sorry, I can’t change your name. You should be able to do it in your settings
Robert McMillan Robert McMillan
April 29 @ 12:37am
Great news: Over the last few weeks, members of the project have ordered several tests. We have 13 people who upgraded their STR results to Big Y700 tests that are pending. We have two people who have updated their STR tests to 111 markers. We have 2 members who have ordered a y37 they were members already, but had not taken a ydna test. These people are continuing to build the block tree of SNPs for their male MacMillan Groups. Many times people join after receiving results. We have 423 y dna results 130 of those are already Big Y 13 more on the way. Several other types of tests were ordered at well, including SNP tests and MtDNA tests. Ladies, encourage husbands, fathers, brothers or cousins to join us. Don’t forget about our MacMillan Y DNA Facebook Group for Members of the project.
Bruce  Adams Bruce Adams has a question!
April 19 @ 12:49pm
Bruce Adams Kit 534198 In August of 2016 as we began Y DNA testing with a FF and Y37 testing, FTDna assigned our testing results to the McMillan Group. I was surprised, as we had not shared any information about family history. Our father was adopted but the purported surname was an iteration of the McMullen/McMillan surname variations. Subsequently, the two closest matches are gentlemen with McMullen/McMillan surnames. How did FT decide that? I have always been curious .
Robert McMillan
April 26 @ 2:08pm
Bruce, as far as I know to be a member of the MacMillan project, you have to request to join. I’ve never seen ftdna automatically put someone into a project.
Bruce Adams
April 27 @ 7:56am
This seemed odd to me also, but I knew so little about dna that I thought it must be OK. I assure you that I did not make a request to join the group. I did not even know that groups existed,let alone that I might have a connection. I am even more curious about this now. I posted this question as being in self quarrantine has allowed me time to think about such things🤣 Maybe FT has the answer?
David McMillan
April 27 @ 7:04pm
When you bought your initial test, did you buy it through the FTDNA MacMillan surname study?
Bruce Adams
April 28 @ 8:16am
No. Hi David. There appeared a banner across the top of my main page which said something about the MacMillan group. It's possible it was a suggestion, although somehow I interpreted it as an assignment. Anyway that's how I realized there were groups. I notice if you go to y dna matches you can see (by categories) how many fit into categories such as various groups and also ALL, so FT can isolate that information. This was 2016 and so much has changed . It's not really that important but at the beginning everything was confusing. There used to be a page where there appeared a list of groups with numbers of your matches who belonged to each group. Its
Robert McMillan Robert McMillan
April 17 @ 7:56am
The FTDNA DNA Day Sale has begun. New BiGY-700 is just $379 USD Some Upgrade Prices: Y-37 to BiGY-700 is $319.00 USD Y-67 to BiGY-700 is $259.00 USD Y-111 to BiGY-700 is $229.00 USD
Duncan McMillan Duncan McMillan has a question!
April 11 @ 8:41pm
Hi, has there ever been a thought about having to login to see the dna results under the project, or have I missed something?
Robert McMillan
April 12 @ 7:27am
I’m sort of new at it. I can make it that way I believe.
Allan Carton Allan Carton has a question!
April 7 @ 4:17pm
Family Finder says George MacMillan could be a 3rd to 5th Cousin to me. My kit number is not listed or I missed it. B425696
Bruce MacMillan
April 9 @ 10:09am
you are there but currently listed as ungrouped
Allan Carton
April 10 @ 10:10am
Thank you Bruce. Have the Scotland connection to my 4 X great Grandfather to Glenpean, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Now to try to connect Chief George MacMillan to the Knapdale line.
Bruce MacMillan
April 11 @ 5:20am
talk to Graeme Mackenzie who is the clan genealogist. Contact details on the clan website. George's line has been well documented.
Michael Griffin Michael Griffin
September 12 @ 10:31pm
The British uniform of the 71st Fraser’s Highlanders who fought at across Creek North Carolina with the McDonald Clans and McMillan Clans with other Highland Regiments. From the book Uniforms of the American War of Independence 1775-1783by Smith- Kiley-Black ISBN 978-0-7548-1761-1
Wallace MacMillan
March 30 @ 10:07pm
Thanks, a nice picture... my McMillans came from Cross Creek, Fayetteville NC, too.