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MacLennan DNA Project

MacLennan DNA Project
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About us

The MacLennan genetic genealogy program was started in June 2009 to look at the roots of the clan. In doing so we may be able to prove or disprove some of the traditional genealogies of the clan.

Recommended books for understanding DNA are: Blaine Bettinger's, The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy and Tracing Your Ancestors Using DNA : A Guide for Family Historians, edited by Graham S Holton

If you still have questions, contact: Alasdair Macdonald the lead project administrator.  Please note that the FTDNA Surname Group Administrators are not FTDNA employees.

This project uses the standards of the European Union’s GDPR Regulations, the most recent editions of FTDNA’s Terms, the Genetic Genealogy Standards, and ISOGG’s guidance for Project Administrators.

Photo by: Stefan Krause License: LAL