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Clan Labhran is from the Central Highlands of Scotland.  Over time, the surnames of this Clan have been rendered into English as MacLaren, McLaurin, MacLauren, McLeran, McClaren, McLearen, etc.  Additionally, the name has become Lawrence, Law, Lawson, Low, Laurie, Lowry, and many other variants of these surnames.  Some Pattersons (or MacPatricks or variants) are said to be descendants of a Patrick MacLaren.  Some MacRuaris (MacRory, McRory, McCrory, Rory, etc.) joined the Clan after their Clan self destructed.  While most MacIntyres or Wrights are not MacLarens, there were a few in Balquhidder of old who were MacLarens.  The MacLaren surname project attempts to determine the relationships between the various groupings of MacLarens (of all the surnames of the Clan).  All male MacLarens bearing these surnames, or any male bearing any surname who believe they descent on a straight-line paternal descent from a male bearing one of the MacLaren surnames, are encouraged to join this project.  We are looking for members from around the world -- Scotland, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and others.  Please note that the Project Administrator recommends at least the 37-marker test and strongly recommends the 67-marker test.  Please also note that the Project Administrators are volunteers and do not receive any pay for their efforts in getting MacLarens to test. You can see the DNA Project results at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/MacLaren/.  You can visit the Clan MacLaren Society of North America website at http://www.ClanMacLarenNA.org