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Updated on 8 Sep 2018

The section below is always under construction. I am trying to put more info in this section to better serve our guest to the web site in hopes of improving their visit and to help them see more on who our oldest known ancestors were. Below you will find a list of oldest known ancestors for our tested participants, some links to participants web sites if they have given permission for me to post, and generally a little more to digest. If you think you have a connection to one of these participants and their oldest known ancestor, please contact our Co-Administrator, Regan Lowrey, or me, Johnny L. Lowery, for more information. The work attached and offsite web pages are works in progress, so remember to use this information selectively and to always prove up on your research. If you see something that is incorrect, needs corrections, or generally would like to discuss this with the participant, please don't hesitate to contact Regan or me.

Good luck and good hunting in your researches.