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19 November 2010
FTDNA made a cutover to a new version of the Group Administrator Program (GAP 2.0) a few days ago and subsequently our Results page got all jumbled up. It will take some time to untangle the mess. Please bear with us meantime.
The LOWERY DNA Project now has 14 family lines matched with 31 different family lines identified and the project is still growing with a total of 93 kits returned. Of our 93+ members and 13 matching families, our "Yellow" group is the lucky one. They currently have 12 participants that match and have a common ancestry. Our "Fuchsia" group has eight matching members and six for "Brown." The "Aqua" group has five. The "Teal" & "Gold" groups are up to 4 members matching with "Silver" adding recently a fith. The "Coral", "Khaki", "Violet1", "Olive" & "Gray" groups each have three matching participants. The "Red" and "Maroon" groups join the matching families with two participants each.
The Project has gained a few new members since the first of the year which is good to hear and see. I would like to challenge everyone to recruit members for the project, and I ask visitors to our web site to consider joining the project. I think we are making great headway with some of our groups and communication between the participants is increasing as the results come in. It is my opinion that the constant bouncing of ideas, our own info, and just plain 'ole communications can help each of us with our researches. The more members we have, the better chance there is of helping to fill in those paper trail gaps. I do invite all LOWERYs of any and all spellings to come join our project and help us fill in those gaps. If you know of someone who is tracing their LOWERY lines and would be interested in joining the project have them contact our Co-Administrator, Regan Lowrey, at rclowrey@gmail.com or me at jlowery000@aol.com. We are open to any and all variations of the spelling of LOWERY. Good luck and good hunting in your researches.

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