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About us

The Longenecker Family Newsletter is directing a research project using Y-DNA testing to trace the ancestry of various spellngs of the Longeneckers.

Y-DNA testing differentiates male "Longenecker" ancestors who came, circa the 16th century, from about a dozen Langenegg or Langegg villages in the Alps mountains (covering a 500-mile arc through parts of France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy) and those male Longacre ancestors who came from Sweden.

Most descendants of the Swiss Langenegger families (or the "Longenecker" in the U.S.) believe that they are genetically the same as one another, regardless of their village of birth. However, some scholars challenge this assumption. They believe that the Langeneggers - coming from a range of distinct Langenegg villages - might be genetically distinct from one another. Descendants of two villages of Langenegg - Canton Bern and Canton Appenzell, Switzerland - have participated in Y-DNA testing to investigate this theory and they prove that the "Longeneckers" are genetically different.

Y-DNA testing would solve the age-old mystery of family trees in Switzerland as well as in the U.S. This testing also explores the genetic relationship of the Swedish Longacres and the Swiss Langeneggers, as well as other families who came from different Langegg or Langenegg villages in the Alps.