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About us

The Lockwood DNA Project was launched in November 2004. Besides the members at Family Tree DNA there are also an additional 23 Lockwoods who were tested anonymously at Oxford Ancestors and these results are at the Lockwood One Name Study website at

This genetic project requires Y-DNA testing, only males inherit Y-DNA from their fathers. Therefore, only male Lockwoods are eligible to contribute DNA results to the project. If you are ineligible for DNA testing because you are female or descend from a female Lockwood, consider recruiting a Lockwood brother, father, uncle, grandfather, or cousin who can represent your Lockwood line.

In May 2017, the Lockwood Family Finder DNA Project was setup and is open to all that have Lockwood ancestors The project requires that the participant has undertaken a Family Finder test, a mtDNA test or have had an Autosomal Transfer

The test is a harmless genealogy test of locations on the Y chromosome, called markers, which are passed from father to son, typically unchanged.  The test result is a string of numbers, and contains no personal information.  You will be an exact or close match to those men to whom you are related.  By also testing a distant direct line male in your family tree, if possible, you will validate the family tree research to the common ancestor shared by both men who test.  In addition, the test result will tell you about your distant origins.

We recommend you to have the 37 marker test but we are happy to have participants with 12 or 25 marker tests although an upgrade later to 37 markers will end up costing more.

The Lockwood name means "enclosed wood" and the surname denotes one whose place of residence or birth was Lockwood. It could be derived from one or more of the following locations:-

  • From the village of Lockwood (now a suburb of Huddersfield) in the parish of Almondbury, West Riding, Yorkshire. 
  • Located north-east of Cheadle, Staffordshire are Lockwood Hall Farm, Lockwood Road, Lock Wood and Lockwood Waste. Ellastone, a village 5 miles to the east of Cheadle, has Lockwood records of 1305 and 1327. Ellastone is about 45 miles south of Lockwood.
  • From an area called Lockwood in Cleveland, North Yorkshire. There is the Lockwood Beck Reservoir and a Lockwood Primary School.

The earliest recorded instances of the name include:-

Henry de Lokwood, Wales (1221)

Henry de Locwode in the Assize Rolls for Staffordshire in 1294

Henry de Locwode, Surrey (1294)

Richard de Locwode Prestwood, Ellastone,Staffs in 1305

Alice de Locwode in subsidy roll of Ellastone,Staffs in 1327

Adam de Lokwode in the Feet of Fines forYorkshire in 1352

Willelmus de Lokewod and Thomas de Lockewod in the Yorkshire Poll tax of 1379

John Lockewode, archer under Humphrey Duke ofGloucester, France, 1417 (TNA E101/51/2) - may have been at Agincourt

William Lockewode serving under ThomasBeaufort, Duke of Exeter, garrison, 1417 (TNA E101/48/17)

Richard Lokwode in Calendar of Letter Books, Kent in 1455


The feud took place between 1317 and 1354. In 1341 Sir John Elland raised a band of man and murdered Sir Robert Beaumont, Hugh de Quarmy and John de Lokwoode of Lokwoode.The three sons of these murdered people then took revenge in 1353 when they killed Sir John Elland and then the following year his son and grandson. There are many accounts which do differ but these two are my favourites:-

Join us as we discover more about our diverse history using the science of DNA to strengthen our genealogical pursuits. Each Lockwood DNA Project participant brings new information. Your DNA could help provide new clues and break down some of those proverbial brickwalls. The project is ongoing and you can join at any time. The sooner the better. Click on the "Join This Group" link in the blue section at the top of the page for the group rates.

The Lockwood One Name Study can be found at

Lockwood DNA Project Privacy Statement 

As Administrators of the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) Lockwood DNA Project we give priority to protecting your privacy and to the confidentiality of your personal data. In particular we will not publish your name, e-mail address or other contact details, or share this information with any other project member or other person or organisation without your specific written approval. The only personal data we hold is that relevant to meeting the published goals of our Project, and which has been made available to us by DNA testing companies, in the same format as they make it available to you, or which you have given us direct by e-mail or by post. We hold this data indefinitely or until you request its deletion, and publish anonymized data at on our Project website ( where you may see its current status. We will be pleased to correct any errors in your personal data that you bring to our attention. At your request at any time your data from our project files will be promptly removed. However data that has previously been posted in the public domain cannot be retrieved. In our administration of this project we endeavour to comply with the most recent guidance issued by ISOGG ( and by FTDNA (, and with the Genetic Genealogy Standards (

We endeavor to respond promptly to any queries or complaints you may make about our handling of your personal data for this Project. However you should be aware that some of your concerns may be better forwarded direct to Gene by Gene / Family Tree DNA, by contacting the ombudsman at ( Please remember that when you have taken a Family Tree DNA test you have accepted Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Refunds and signed an informed consent.

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