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About us

The Livingston/MacLea Surname DNA Project was established in February of 2003 for genealogists and historians interested in the genetic relationship between families bearing the surnames Livingston, MacLea and Boggs, and all of their variants. For a fuller discussion see our separate page about our surnames. The Project is funded by the participants themselves or by interested parties who sponsor a participant to be tested. Testing requires that a participant provides several swabs of saliva in a test tube, which in turn is sent to FTDNA for analysis. This is very easy. FTDNA then provides a set of y-DNA values that are entered into a database to be compared to other participants with the same or different surnames. Only males carry the y-chromosome that is being analized for this Project. The y-chromosome is passed from father to son, so only MEN bearing an appropriate surname such as Livingston or MacLea are eligible to be participants. Women with an interest in the Project are urged to sponsor a male relative with the appropriate surname, such as an uncle, a cousin or a nephew.