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About us

Our primary goal is to discover whether John Littleton (d. 1721), who appeared in Accomack, VA, in 1669, and from whom at least one Littleton line demonstrably descends,is related to the Shropshire Littleton family to which Col. Nathaniel Littleton, who emigrated to Accomack, VA, in 1635, belonged. Finally, we hope to test at least one male named Westcote, as Sir Thomas Littleton (1407-1481), the common ancestor of most Littleton lines, was the son of Thomas Westcote. However, his mother, Elizabeth de Littleton, insisted that he be given her surname. Thus, we should also share Y-DNA factors in common with descendants of Thomas Westcote and/or his male forebears. Some of Thomas Wescote descendants are named Westcott, and we welcome DNA samples from those bearing this surname as well as Westcote.