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There are two secondary goals in addition to establishing the genetic YDNA signature:

1)     For males only:Additional YDNA testing to track genetic mutations in YDNA to establish individual lines of descent, especially for those whose paper documentation is limited or missing. We are particularly interested in descendants of Joseph Linville of Chester and Berks counties, PA; descendants of all the sons of Thomas Linville of Conestoga, PA; Linville, VA; and Belews Creek, NC; and any Linvilles listed in “Miscellaneous” branches in Linville Family in Amercia (1982).  In addition to verifying the Linville lineage, additional Linville males in the project can help to distinguish between some branches of the family that have faster mutations in Y-DNA.

2)     For both females and males: Autosomal DNA ("Family Finder") to gather evidence of potential daughters and wives of Linvilles. To date we already have identified several potential connections where there is only speculative paper or oral evidence. It is particularly helpful if those who participate are among the oldest living Linvilles.