Connecting and identifying the Levis family branches
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About us

The surname Levis has been found in multiple lineages originating in/around Leicester, England, Cork, Ireland, France and Italy. Multiple variations of the surname name such as 'de Levis', Leaviss, Leavis, Levice, Leeves, Leves and sometimes Lewis are found in genealogical records. As many hypothesis of the origin of the name exist, with the most frequently cited as originating from Huguenot immigrants, French aristocracy, from the Israelite Tribe of Levi, the Irish sept of MacConlevy, and/or locative in origin referring to one or more settlements in England and France. The goals of this Levis surname project include: - to get an understanding of how the different family lines that are known to originate to a 'Levis' family name relate to each other - to get an understanding which of the modern name variations are genetically related to 'Levis' lines, when their known lineage cannot be traced back to a 'Levis' individual - to help overcome brick walls on the paternal side of individual member's lineages with the aid of their Y-DNA results