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About us

The Ledford Sir Name is not found abundantly across the globe. I is found in Northern American, the British Isles and Europe. Research has located some marriage records in Germany from the late 1600's. Additionally, it can be found in the British Isles. Also, migration records show that there are Ledford's in Canada and the united States of America.

The Sampson Sir Name is being combined with the Ledford Project until it grows large enough to warrent Project status alone.

The Day Sir name is added because of the Childern of a Ledford and and Cherokee DAY being named DAY.

Corder is a Family Name

Genealogy information has been collected from others and added to information we have uncovered. With all the information assembled, it appeared to me that the Ledford Sir Name is thought to have come from one of two different geological places: one being The British Isles and the other being Germany (or the various Kingdoms which came together to make the modern state of Germany of today).

The Sampson Sir Name is yet to be uncovered as to its origin.

Corder is currently being tested and hopefully we will see new information here as well.

Over the years, as time permited, attempts were made to gather information about ancestory. Then while on the internet, a discovery of information about DNA and its potential use in genealogy. Since that time, I have spend several hours studing and reviewing information about the subject. This has resulted in having my own DNA tested and deciding to launch a Ledford Sir Name Project. I would encourage Ledfords, Day's and Sampson's to engage in the 37 marker test as it is the best in determining ancestorial connections. Also, studies of the X chromosome are rapidly expanding.

Much is to be learned about MTDNA and the origin of the female.

There are those who are as to date unable to link up the the other Ledford's, Day's and Sampson's. By Conducting tests and comparing Genealogical data, if there is a certain link, it can be done genetically. If there is no direct recent link, it will also be revealed.

Through this project, you can receive a reduced rate for your genetic tests.