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About us

The project was initiated in May of 2003 by Gayle Braswell Ellison, who has a Lawson ancestress. Carl L. Lawson volunteered as co-administrators in 2006. Carl Lawson is now the administrator and maintains the Lawson DNA Project website at
http://lawsondna.org/home/the-lawson-dna-project/ -  General information about the Lawson DNA Project.
http://lawsondna.org/home/genealogy/  -  Information collected about some of the Lawson lines.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fS4jP8vCjrOXSno8BavqtfhsdmLDKgLBWLOlj5SeDk4/edit?usp=sharing  -  A chart for 67 Alleles and contains a short pedigree for the members.