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About us

DONNA DINBERG, the creator and first administrator of the Latvia DNA project passed away on April 11, 2009. The current administrators- Donna's cousin Michael Dinberg and Judith Simon would like to dedicate the Latvia project to Donna's memory. Donna's was a vibrant life cut short by cancer. The pictures and obituary will give you a glimpse into her life. Donna's work lives on in the many people she has touched and certainly in the Latvia DNA project.

Let's not forget that this project is more than DNA results. Each person and family with roots in Latvia whose DNA is represented here has a story to tell. VLADIMIR KABO, who passed away on June 4, 2009, has a fascinating story. Vladimir's story begins with his ancestry in Latvia, born to academics in post-revolutionary Moscow, and continues through war, University, political struggles, prison camps, anthropology and ethnology research and finally, to his beloved Australia. Vladimir's wife Elena Govor and son Ralphie Kabo have put together a beautiful tribute to his life which you can follow in the links below.