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About us

Through the Larkin DNA Project every male Larkin today can use the Big Y-700 test to identify his own genetic signature. By combining the DNA results of a large sampling with our existing knowledge, we should be able to get a much clearer picture of the origins of the Larkin Clans and how their members dispersed through the world.

While the Y-37 STR marker test has been helpful in some cases, we now recommend using the Big Y-700 is the most effective and comprehensive way to assess where your Larkin ancestors came from in the Larkin DNA Project.

You don't have to wait for the TV program Who Do You Think You Are to come to your door, take the initiative and join the Larkin DNA Project today!

Note that in order to gain new insights, participants should be willing to share their results in a de-identified manner on the project web sites.  It is a two-way street, we gain a wider perspective and genealogy insights on our individual heritage but also help other Larkins researching their heritage through reciprocity and friendliness