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The purpose of the Langan surname project is to identify the ancestral origins and migrations (i.e. main haplogroups) of the Langans and similar sounding names and, hopefully, discover some closer genealogical relationships from the available Y-DNA databases.

The earliest known ancestor (Patrick Langan c1800) of the initial Langan test subject is from County Mayo, Ireland and belongs to the Atlantic modal haplogroup R1b1a2 (or R1b1b2 by the former nomenclature).  The majority of close matches in the DNA databases are also from Ireland, indicating Gaelic ancestry.  

"The Great Tom Langan" 1921-1974 of Gaelic football fame and Irish Rugby star, Ronan O'Gara (the record point scorer with over 100 caps), are both directly descended from this same Patrick Langan c1800.

According to Griffith's Valuation, the largest concentration of Langan families on record in Ireland during the mid-19th century, is in County Mayo, and a "Langan families from County Mayo Ireland" web-page is posted at .

The name Langan is a contraction and Anglicisation of the Irish (Gaelic) name, Ó Longáin, meaning grandson (or descendant) of Longáin.  Longáin is thought to mean long or tall.