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About us

                                                         Goal of Landry Surname yDNA Project

The major goal of this website is to provide help in identifying ancestors of male Landrys.  Accomplishment of this goal will require many standard DNA profiles derived from those who know their pedigree back to the earliest ancestors that are currently known. 

Below is a list of the first three generations of males in the North American Landry lines that I am aware of.  Rene le jeune Landry and Rene l’aine Landry are from the same line but their DNA profiles differ slightly so they have been listed separately.  Off to the right is the number of descendants with a known pedigree who have provided a DNA sample.  Several targeted samples have identified two major lines (the two Rene Landrys line and Guilluame Landry line) and the probable profile for a third line (Jean Jacques Landry line).  There probably are other lines as well.

We need DNA samples from many other Landry males who know their pedigree to fill in the many missing slots. Then this website can be a major resource for the many male Landrys who do not know their ancestry.  If you have a documented and unrepresented Landry lineage please help.  If you join as a member of the Landry SurnameDNA Project you will get a discount on the price of the test.  If cost is a major factor for you and you are from the Rene le jeune Landry line (my line), contact me at londereeb@missouri.edu and we’ll see if something can be worked out.  My only benefit is that it may help me to fill in several missing ancestors between my great grandfather and Rene le jeune Landry.


                      First Three Generations of North American Landry Males

                          (Some may not have any male descendants (??))


1. Rene le jeune b abt. 1634                                       6

            2. Antoine b. abt. 1660                                               4

                        3.Antoine b 1683                                                      3                PL,JEL&BL

                        3.Pierre b abt.1690

                        3.Francois b abt. 1692

                        3.Germain b abt. 1695

                        3.Jean b abt. 1696                                                     1                GL

                        3.Joseph b abt. 1701

            2. Claude b. abt. 1663                                                 1        

                        3.Jean Baptiste b abt. 1686

                        3.Rene b abt. 1688

                        3.Claude b abt. 1689                                                1                MB

                        3.Eustache b abt. 1690

                        3.Jean b abt. 1693

                        3.Simon Joseph b 1708

            2. Jean b abt. 1666                

                        3.Rene b abt. 1688

                        3.Jean Baptiste b abt. 1690

                        3.Joseph b abt. 1692

                        3.Benjamin b abt. 1698

            2. Rene b abt. 1668            

                        3.Antoine b abt. 1696

                        3.Rene b abt. 1703

                        3.Pierre b abt.1704

                        3.Alexandre b abt. 1709

                        3.Sylvain b 1712

                        3.Joseph b 1718     ??

                        3.Charles b abt. 1719   ??

            2. Germain b. abt. 1674                                             1

                        3.Alexandre b abt. 1695                                           1                LDL

                        3.Abraham b abt. 1697

                        3.Pierre b abt.1698

                        3.Germain b abt. 1706

                        3.Paul b abt. 1708

                        3.Jean Baptiste b abt 1710


            2. Abraham b abt. 1678                                              2

                        3.Pierre b abt. 1705                                       

                        3.Charles b abt. 1706

                        3.Alexandre b 1708

                        3.Joseph b abt. 1710  ??

                        3.Abraham b abt. 1712                                             1                RML

                        3.Rene b abt. 1716                                                  1                DGL

            2. Pierre b abt. 1680                                                   1

                        3.Pierre b abt.1707

                        3.Francois b 1710

            2. Charles b abt. 1688

                        3.Charles b. 1710

                        3.Francois b 1716

                        3.Ursule b 1724



1. Rene l'aine   b abt. 1618                                         1

            2. Pierre b abt. 1658             

                        Pierre b abt. 1683

                        Jean Baptiste b abt. 1690

                        Rene b 1693                                                 

                        Francois b 1696  ??

                        Joseph b 1698

            2. Claude b abt. 1663                                                 1

                        Claude b abt. 1690

                        Jean Baptiste b abt.1696                                          1                MWL

                        Pierre b 1704

                        Joseph b 1713


1. Guillaume b 1623                                                  2

Pierre b 1658

        Pierre b 1683

        Jean Baptiste b 1690

        Rene b 1693

        Francois b 1696

        Joseph b 1698

Claude b 1623                                                   2

                           Charles b 1690                                                      1                DL

                           Claude b 1694

                           Louis Hyacinthe b 1696

                           Joseph b 1702

                           Jean Baptiste b 1704

                           Augustin b 1708                                                    1                AML

                           Isidore b 1710

1. Jean Jacques b abt 1790                                     1

            2. Henry b abt. 1834                                                1

                        3.Louis Joseph b 1866                                                1                LGL

                        3.Felix Henri b 1868

                        3.Jules Gaston b 1870

                        3.Charles b 1874

                        3.Leonard Emile b 1880

            2. Louis Joseph b 1835

            2. Aime Desire b 1838

                        3.Arthur b 1862

                        3.Louis Robert b 1860

                        3.Felix Robin b 1868   

                        3.Jean Henry b 1869

1. Charles Henry Landry b 1800 (Brother of Jean Jacques)

           2. Charles Emile b 1824

           2. Antoine b 1837

                         3. Arthur Perry b 1862

                         3. Stanislas Ernest b 1867

           2. Arthur Germain b 1841