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About us

For the main page, click here. This project was originally started in order to further study genealogical study of the Lancaster surname. In particular, it was hoped this could help with working out which Lancaster families are related and which are not – something which can definitely help when you have several alternatives appearing in old documents. It immediately became apparent that because surnames can change, this project should cover several other name types, and not just spelling variations, especially Lancashire and Lanchester. Satterfield and Satterthwaite have also been added to the list for the time being because (a) all Satterfields tested so far on the public Sorenson database match one of the Lancaster families we have, and (b) Satterfield and Satterthwaite are names coming from a small town, Satterthwaite, now in the parish of Hawkshead, just to the north of Lancaster castle, and (c) there is no one else promoting such a project yet. These names can be split off and passed to someone else later if a separate project starts. Other surnames have been added to our list of interest because of well-known probable connections to Lancasters families.