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This project was started in 2004 to ascertain if there was a direct patrilineal genetic relationship between the Co-Administrator (kit #14954) as a descendant of Jakub Lampert, b. 1756 Fläsch, Switzerland, and any other Lampert male descendants from Fläsch, Switzerland born at about the same time. In 1939 Margaret Lampert Wiesenberg published the Lampert Family Genealogy. From her work it is known there were three main Lampert branches in and around Fläsch at about the same time as Jakub Lampert, but the "paper trail" failed to ascertain their relationship because of records destruction in the 1822 fire that destroyed the Fläsch, Switz church. From Margaret Lampert Wiesenberg's 1939 work, it is known that the earliest recorded date for the Lampert name is 1379. To date we have learned that the three Lampert branches from Fläsch, Switzerland, listed in Wiesenberg’s genealogy are closely related. This includes, 

1) Jakub Lampert, b. abt 1750 Fläsch, Switz,

2) Florian Lampert b. 9-1763 Fläsch, Switz, 

3) Christian Lampert b. Jan 1786 Fläsch, Switz m. Susanna Adank

The data from the Wiesenberg genealogy of the Lampert family has been entered into a database and extended to the present by Co-Administrator Arthur Arno Lampert. See

Inquiries are welcome. Contact either of the project administrators for help getting started, or to have questions answered.