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Open to anybody from the Lamont family and related Septs.
Aldownie-y, Black, Blackie, Blaik, Blaikie, Blake Blaker, Blakey, Broun, Brown, Burden, Burdon, Clement, Lamb, Lambie, Lammie, Lammon, Lammond, Lamon, Lamond, Lamondson, Lander(s), Lemmon, Lemon Lemond, Lamond, Limon, Limond, Limont, Lucas, Luck, Luckie, -y, Luke, MacAlduie, MacAldowie, MacClammie,- y, MacClement(s, MacCluckie, -y, MacClymont, MacEaracher, MacErcher, MacErracher, MacFarquhar MacGilledow, MacGillegowie, MacGorie, -y, MacGorrie, MacIldowie, MacIlwham, MacIlwhom, MacInturner, MacKerchar, MacKerracher, MacLammie-y, MacLamond MacLemmon, MacLemon, MacLucas, MacLuckie, MacLugash MacLuke, MacLusa, MacLymont, MacMunn, MacPatrick MacPhunn, MacSorley, MacSurely, Meickleam, Meickleham, Meiklehem, Meiklejohn, Meiklem, Munn, Munt Patrick, Pater~on, Phorich Sorlie-y, Toward, Towart, Turner, White, Whyte