R1b-L1066+ (CTS1202)

R1b-L1066 SNP Found in Ancient Remains Longniddry Scotland 1500 - 1300 BCE
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!! Big News for L1066/CTS1202 !!
5/10/2017 - The SNP L1066/CTS1202 has been found in ancient remains from Longniddry, East Lothian Scotland dating to 1500 - 1300 BCE.

** Please do not attempt to join this project unless you are L1066/CTS1202 positive or at a minimum predicted to be positive  **

L1066 is an SNP found under Z2534 and Z2185. L1066 is also identified as CTS1202 (Geno 2.0 - Genographic Project was launched in 2005 by National Geographic Society).

The general consensus is that the L1066/CTS1202 mutation occurred over 3,500 YBP (years before present).

The surnames associated with L1066 are quite varied as one would expect with a founder existing several thousand years ago so it is very difficult to draw any reasonable conclusions regarding more ancient origins. With that said, there are patterns starting to develop pointing more toward specific areas for more recent ancestry.

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