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Each one of us carry pieces of the missing puzzle of our ancestry. Males have two pieces and Females have one. These are: a) Y-Chromosome DNA (passed from father to son) This means that all males carry this info. b) mtDNA (passed from mother to her children) This means that both Males and Females carry this info. The following diagram shows how this helps us to find some of our roots. Diagram of pedigree and what lines DNA helps to determine. On the male side(Y-Chromosome) the results only track back in time from sons to fathers and on the female side(mtDNA) only tracks back to your mother and beyond that to her mother, to her mother and so on.More information that you may find useful when ordering your DNA kit is available on an additional page. See the section on Goals for more detailed information about this multi-faceted Surname Project. Additional information on DNA analysis and methodology is available at the following page on DNA Genealogy. This will open a new screen on your browser. To get back to this screen then close the new one. Dick Kraus, Administrator for the Kraus/Krause DNA Surname Project, has very good information on the Ancient Krause Lineages.