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About us

Our family DNA project is open to all KELSO families across the world and those with any of the various surname spellings.

Not all Kelso's whose ancestors resided in Scotland and Ireland related.

Are John KELSO born 1702 and William Kelso b 1652 of Ayr, Scotland related?

What Kelso line belongs to the same ancestors who owned "Kelsoland" in Scotland?

What Kelso's resided in Kelso, Scotland?

We are using genealogy genetic DNA testing to find answers.

Males participate in the surname project using Y DNA tests.

Our surname project is participating in the FAMILY FINDER autosomal DNA test study and are welcome to join our project.

If you have an DNA test you are welcome to transfer to FTDNA and join the Kelso DNA project. 

If you have a male or female Kelso (or various spellings)  ancestor in your lineage tree the Family Finder autosomal test with FamilyTreeDNA  shows both paternal and maternal cousin matches. 

MtDNA testing is also used in our project see the MtDNA chart.


"Immigrant JOHN KELSO of PA and VA" by Douglas Kelso, Jr., 1995 shows some immigrants to America(USA)  in his book pages 99-102:

-James Kelso from Scotland to New Windsor, NY

-Richard Kelso, MA Bay Colony, Ipswich to NH

-William Kelsey from England 1632 Cambridge, MA and CT

-Richard Kelson 1659 Warwicke Co, VA

-John Kello 1684 from Leith, Scotland to Carolina

-John Kelsey imported by Thomas Parram

-Hugh Kelso 1718 MA 1718 from Londonerry, Ireland

-James Kelson ship from Bristol, England

-John Kelsey 200 acres 1744 Adams Co, PA

-Samuel Kelso - Kelsey, Chester Co, SC

and many others. Who are their descendants and are we all related?  Genealogy DNA testing can help bridge the gap to Scotland and Ireland.  


If you have any questions about DNA testing or the project please contact us.  We will be glad to answer your DNA genealogy questions.


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