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Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree

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  • Martin Kellogg b. 1595 Great Leighs, Essex, England, m. Prudence Bird - Dorothy Gellai [dgellai AT]
    • Daniel Kellogg, b. 1630 Great Leighs, Essex, England, m. Bridget Bouton
      • Daniel Kellogg, b. 1671 Norwalk, Fairfield Co. CT, m. Elizabeth Preston
        • Daniel Kellogg, b.  1698 Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT, m. Eunice Jarvis
          • Daniel Kellogg, b. Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT, m.1st  Hannah Fairchild.
            • Nathan Fairchild Kellogg, b. 1752, Fairfield Co., CT, m. Mrs. Hannah Wasson Morehouse
              • Nathan Kellogg, b. 1789 Ridgefield, Fairfield Co. CT, m. Lucy Sherwood
                • Clark Sherwood Kellogg, b. 1817 Delaware Co., NY, m. Hannah Bertha Knott
                  • Robert Barkdull Kellogg, b. 1861 Salem, Marion Co., IL, m. Emma Rosette “Rose” Bush
  • James Kellow b c1770 Cornwall, England d 1845 Cornwall, England m Honor Rundle - Doug Kellow [Dougkellow AT]
    • Robert Kellow b 1805 Cornwall, England d 1851 Cornwall, England m Mary
      • James Kellow b 1833 Cornwall, England d 1896 Cornwall, England m Harriet Louisa Mansell
        • Alfred Mansell Kellow b 1880 Cornwall, England d 1956 Victoria, BC, Canada m Jessie McNie 149291
  • Joseph Kellogg 1626-1708 m. Abigail Terry 1646-1726-Randi O'Daniel  [rkkt04 AT]
    • Samuel Kellogg 1662-1717 m. Sarah Merrill 1664-1718
      • Daniel Kellogg 1707-1773 m. Deborah Moore 1710-1801
        • Daniel Kellogg Jr. 1730-1775 m. Jerusha Spencer 1740-1816
          • Ezekiel Kellogg 1770-Deceased  m.Elizabeth Stanley 1770
            • Norman M Kellogg,1816 – 1906 Marion,NY, m. Mary A. (unknown)
    • Frank D Kellogg, 1852 – 1915, Marion NY, m. Susan Fisher

    • Norman Milo Kellogg 1891 – 1940, Marion NY m. Mary DeBaine 482970

  • James Killick, b.c. 1817, Betchworth, Surrey, Eng, m. Caroline Holman -Patty (Jamerson) Archer (admin to Fred Kellick) [parcher At]
    • Thomas Killick, Sr. b. Sep 1850 Kingswood, Reigate, Surrey, Eng, m. Emmeline "Emily" Day
      • Thomas Killick/Kellick, Jr. b. 7 Mar 1885, Reigate, Surrey, Eng, m. Pearl Lena Davis
        • Frederick Albert Arthur Kellick, b. 21 Mar 1908 Monticello, Drew, Arkansas, m. Edith Mildred Norrix 412343