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Ricky Kelley Ricky Kelley
August 29, 2018 @ 12:09pm
anyone related to the Kelly/Kelley's in the loop area of West Virginia? Group I-M253
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Matthew Kelley
June 16 @ 1:59am
I am in one of the I-M223 groups. If, by chance either of you mistyped your haplogroup, my ancestors were from Tennessee.
Daniel Johnson
June 29 @ 1:19pm
us....hi..just pulled up research your kelly goe to me..three gen back///okay now
July 16 @ 8:33pm
My brother, David Kelley, Kit no. 290591 is Group I-M253. Our ancestors went from West Virginia to Ohio, then on to Missouri.
August 1 @ 7:36pm
Oldest ancestor James W. Kelly b.1836 W.Virgnina. Last known address before military Blountville TN. per census father was of foreign birth-Ireland, mother W.Virginia. Still looking for our Virginia/Tennessee family.
Matthew Kelley Matthew Kelley
July 31 @ 9:14pm
Official FTDNA announcement (from Matt-- I have no way of confirming this is true but believe it is): Dear Group Project Administrators: We want to update you on the status of the delayed Big Y-700 results. We have already emailed customers impacted by the delays so the purpose of this email is to keep you informed as Group Project Administrators. Below is the that was sent to the impacted customers. The Big Y-700 is an improvement to our older Big Y-500 product. Not only does it provide additional results, it also utilizes new technology and chemistry to produce those results. The older Big Y-500 product took about 8-10 weeks on average to process in the lab; however, with the release of Big Y-700, we have been working to improve this processing time. As a result of nearly 6,000 upgrade orders to Big Y-700 many of you may be experiencing delays in your processing times, but we are working hard to resolve this and apologize for the delay. The dates in the Awaiting Results section are based on when your test was batched. This time starts counting down as soon as your test is batched. Once we reach week 8, if your results have not posted, the date gets pushed out by two weeks. If they aren’t posted within the next two weeks, they get pushed out another two weeks and so forth. These dates are meant to be estimates for the average test, not guarantees of delivery for every customer. If you are waiting on Big Y-700 results, the below chart is a better guide for when you may expect to receive your results. The below dates are estimates, not guarantees, but we are confident in these delivery times. Most brand new Y-DNA testers, meaning those who have not previously purchased any Y-DNA tests, are receiving Big Y-700 results in 10 weeks or less. Once we have moved past the above batch date ranges, we believe that processing time will be much quicker. The lab has requested new samples from a number of customers. In the majority of these cases, we are reaching out to these customers directly. We strongly urge you to keep your mailing address up to date on each kit you manage in case we need to mail you a new sample collection kit. You can find instructions for updating your contact information here. We apologize to all customers who are experiencing delays with their Big Y-700 results. Delivering your results is a top priority. Sincerely, The FamilyTreeDNA Team
Robert Shalvoy
July 31 @ 11:30pm
As someone waiting for the results of a Big Y-700 upgrade, I received that email. So it's official.
Matthew Kelley
August 1 @ 12:34am
Turned out I did too, but it was placed in my commercial promotions folder by my email app so I did not think so when I posted.
Daniel Johnson Daniel Johnson
June 29 @ 1:20pm
she the one in front to right welcome to the Bruce Johnson Howards
Daniel Johnson
June 29 @ 1:21pm
from Kentucky to hot spring Arkanas
Sean Kelley Sean Kelley
May 4 @ 8:22pm
Hi, I got my Big-Y data back and my terminal haplotree group did not change from R-BY519 When I look at the block diagram it just says under R-BY519 “Private Variants Average : 15” When I look at the Y-DNA SNP tables/tree for R-BY519, I see the following downstream that are blue for: ZZ8_1 (however no matches below that one - all red below) BY13541 BY17760 BY34975 BY39713 BY183891 BY102687 There are further downstream in blue below those SNP marked above with exception of ZZ8_1 So I was wondering how I should go about interpreting this? So the BigY-700 doesn't test those SNP? Sean
Brian Gilbert
May 4 @ 9:51pm
Sean, my understanding is it can take some weeks from the initial results for the Terminal Haplogroup to be confirmed, as the SNP matching at that level is confirmed manually. If you have not, I suggest you join the facebook group ""; where there are people who can answer these questions much better than I.
Matthew Kelley
May 5 @ 10:32am
Brian, if your results just posted, there will be further changes in most cases. Usually things will be final within a month but the Bigy700 transition seems to be causing it to take longer for some. Other, newer tests will,or can, also result in changes if they are a match.
Matthew Kelley
May 5 @ 10:36am
Bigy700 can miss some y chromosome locations, but you can see your result for every snp on the big y results tab. So you can see if it was missed of not. Blue means negative, no call, or not read so you have to check your results tab.
Matthew Kelley
June 28 @ 5:52pm
Sean Kelley, there usually would have been enough time by now for your results to finalize. Assuming they have not changed and that you have not moved down a haplogroup, then you are negative for all of the snps you listed downstream of BY519. The far right column with average of 14 private variants would be your downstream branch, but to date is has not matched any other tester any further down than the 3 SNPs in the block BY519. It is below that block that your branch of the family broke off at the fork in the road down your paternal line, separating from the branches named in the list you gave. Your line branched off anywhere from 1000-2000 years ago. You would need to have your BAM fiel analyzed for a closer estimate. If closer relatives who share a more recent common paternal ancestor test BigY700, they likely (more definite the closer the relative is) would match some of your private variants to form a new, haplogroup that descends from the BY519 haplogroup. This branch formed because you descend from a different son than the others of BY519 and so the snps that formed in that son they descend from or his descendants are not shared by you, who has the snps that formed in the son you do descend from and his descendants in your direct paternal line.. By definition, a branching point is the point you stopped sharing a common paternal line of ancestors with other descendants of that same paternal line. In this case, the paternal line represented by Adam down to the haplogroup BY519. Everyone in a haplogroup descending from BY519 shares the line down to BY519, but below that you all branch off because you all descend from the different sons of BY519 that descend from the father BY519.
Matthew Kelley Matthew Kelley
June 28 @ 5:32pm
3 Day Offer & GAP Bulk Email Tool Dear Group Project Administrators, The GAP Bulk Email Tool is back up, and because you were not able to use it during the previous sale, we wanted to give you a special offer to share with your Group Project Members! Below you will find further details about the offer and the GAP Bulk Email Tool. You are welcome to copy and paste the offer details when sending this announcement to your members. Save On Family Finder & Y-DNA Group Project Members can save on Family Finder and Y-DNA when they use one of the below promo codes! Codes will expire on 6/30. Promo Codes: $20 off Family Finder when you use code PROJECTSFF $40 off Y-37 when you use code PROJECTSY37 $49 off Y-67 when you use code PROJECTSY67 $60 off Y-111 when you use code PROJECTSY111 $150 off Big Y-700 when you use code PROJECTSBIGY Offer Rules & Details: Promo codes expire 6/30/19 @ 11:59 pm CT Only one promo code may be applied to the cart per transaction Promo codes may not be used in conjunction with other offers and only apply to full price items Offer is for add-on tests and new kits, not valid on upgrades
Francis Kelly Francis Kelly
April 26 @ 7:13pm
Hi everyone :-) I just wanted to share my excitement. I was finally able to upgrade my brother's kit (Francis Kelly 367981) to Big 700!!! Now, the aggravation of waiting lol
Matthew Kelley
June 26 @ 12:56pm
Today is the 3 month anniversary of my BigY700 order. No results yet.
Lawrence Ellis Lawrence Ellis
June 15 @ 9:28pm
Not sure if this is appropriate place to ask this question. If not please excuse.
Joshua Kelley
June 15 @ 10:39pm
Best thing to do in this case is contact FTDNA directly. Either call them or email the help desk. There should definitely be enough sample left to do the upgrade but whether it is still viable due to age is the question.
Matthew Kelley
June 16 @ 1:53am
If there was an unopened vial that was not contaminated at time of submission, it will probably work assuming there is enough dna in the sample. (Some people do not shed much dna when scraping for the kit).
Lawrence Ellis
June 16 @ 10:11pm
Thank you Joshua & Matthew. I will con
Lawrence Ellis
June 16 @ 10:13pm
*contact them. Would hate to order then it not be viabl
Tonya Kelley Johanson Tonya Kelley Johanson
May 31, 2016 @ 3:22pm
Just got my dad, Tommy Kelley to take the y111 test. I will mail it off tomorrow. I can't wait to get back the results.
Eugene Kelley
January 23 @ 11:28pm
Would Tommy Kelley be from Georgia. I have a cousin who used "Tommy" into adulthood instead of Thomas or Tom. Lost track of him. - Patsy Kelley Reading for Eugene Kelley
Tonya Kelley Johanson
June 7 @ 2:25pm
No sir. We are from Louisiana.
Catherine Dewey Sanders Catherine Dewey Sanders has a question!
May 23 @ 8:16pm
Hello! I have the haplogroup of my Kelley/Kelly first cousin from 23andme, I-L161.1. We are trying to break through a brick wall on my mother's Kelley paternal side. Not sure where to go from here. We can't find mom's Kelley/Kelly 2x gr grandfather and hope that posting the haplogroup will help us connect with cousins on this website. Any ideas to help us find our relatives? Thank you!
Matthew Kelley
May 24 @ 2:44pm
Here is some information about L161. I haven't had time to find the recommended snp predictions from this group on the tree so I am not sure just who is a possible match. It may be just the one person who is L161 positive. and he may not be a relevant match since L161 is a major branch of I-P37.
Catherine Dewey Sanders
May 25 @ 10:24am
Thank you for getting back to me. 23andMe gives us the Haplogroup with a brief history is all, nothing more than I-L161.1. My male first cousin is also on Gedmatch as well as me, my mom, my siblings and a couple of first cousins. Several of us have tested on various sites, and we are coming up with zilch for mom's paternal side. Our tree is on Ancestry. We can't believe that we can't find relatives on this side of the family before 1823. Mom's great grandfather had to have parents and a couple of cousins at the very least, if there are no siblings. If I fully understood how to interpret our DNA findings, it wouldn't feel like such a daunting task. Your Kelley project has been most helpful. Thanks again for your help and the link. We will keep searching and hope we come up with something to sink our teeth into.
Matthew Kelley
May 25 @ 10:49am
When you see a .1 in an snp name, it just means the same snp is found in other haplogroups. In this case, it was first found in the I haplogroup.
Catherine Dewey Sanders
May 26 @ 8:48pm
Thank you. I wasn't sure it had significance.
Sean Kelly Sean Kelly
March 23 @ 7:36pm
Hello everyone, my name is Sean Kelly and I'm from St. Louis, Missouri. I ordered a Y chromosome test kit yesterday hoping to learn more about my Kelly line of ancestors, and see if there are any living relatives out there who can shed more light on our ancestry. I get kind of lost in the science, but I'm looking forward to sharing with the group and learning from you. Thank you.
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Sean Kelly
March 24 @ 7:22am
Thank you Matthew. I will.
Sean Kelly
May 22 @ 12:36pm
Hello everyone .... happy to say I got my Y-DNA 37 Loci results! It shows me in Parent Haplogroup R-M269.
Matthew Kelley
May 23 @ 8:41pm
See if any of your matches are Kelly's and if they are in this project.
Sean Kelly
May 26 @ 7:29pm
Thank you Matthew .... Go raibh maith agat.