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Tonya Kelley Johanson Tonya Kelley Johanson
May 22 @ 8:29am
I did my dads Big Y and it was R-BY82076. Sorry the kit is under my name. When I first started this I was quite lost. My father is Tommy Kelley. He was originally M269, then L1335 and now in R-BY82076. 23andMe has him in L-1065. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’m very confused.
Matthew Kelley
May 24 @ 8:38am
This is the path of your father's snp mutations down the genetic family tree. An explanation of major branches is given. It proceeds oldest to most recent known.
Matthew Kelley
May 24 @ 8:39am
These represent your father's ancestors
Matthew Kelley
May 24 @ 11:23am
Here is one estimate of the general path of migration taken by your paternal ancestors based on the reported locations of matches, descendants of your snps, and ancient dna found.
Matthew Kelley
May 24 @ 11:25am
Here is one estimate of the general path of migration taken by your paternal ancestors based on the reported locations of matches, descendants of snps, and ancient dna found. Enter BY82076
Dean Kelley Dean Kelley
April 20 @ 1:37pm
Can someone explain to me the grouping criteria in the Kelley DNA results? My nephew's ungrouped kit# 845559 matches most closely with group X29, who mostly appear to descend from David O’Killia, "the Immigrant of Old Yarmouth Massachusetts." My line are more recent (1867) immigrants from Ireland. In fact with my nephew's BigY test, he and another in that group were assigned a new haplogroup, the lineage as follows: R-L21 > R-DF13 > R-ZZ10_1 > R-Z253 > R-Z2534 > R-BY25450 > R-BY23454 > R-BY123821. Although we are only a related line to R-L226, the R-L226 Project has grouped us all together at the very top of their list....
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Dana Bressette
May 11 @ 10:22am
And thanks to the admins, it looks like we got moved into group X29...
Michael Kelly
May 17 @ 8:33am
Hi Dean,DNA is, as you possibly know better than I, involves genetic science, while the genealogical study of surnames, such as O Ceallaigh (Kelly) involves historical research. One can not be used to prove the other.
Michael Kelly
May 17 @ 8:34am
Can I suggest that you read a brief explanation for this on the Clans of Ireland website
Michael Kelly
May 17 @ 8:37am
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to engage in a more detailed explanation. I can be reached by contacting Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh at Clans of Ireland
Catherine Dewey Sanders Catherine Dewey Sanders has a question!
May 23, 2019 @ 8:16pm
Hello! I have the haplogroup of my Kelley/Kelly first cousin from 23andme, I-L161.1. We are trying to break through a brick wall on my mother's Kelley paternal side. Not sure where to go from here. We can't find mom's Kelley/Kelly 2x gr grandfather and hope that posting the haplogroup will help us connect with cousins on this website. Any ideas to help us find our relatives? Thank you!
Matthew Kelley
May 25, 2019 @ 10:49am
When you see a .1 in an snp name, it just means the same snp is found in other haplogroups. In this case, it was first found in the I haplogroup.
Catherine Dewey Sanders
May 26, 2019 @ 8:48pm
Thank you. I wasn't sure it had significance.
Craig T. Kelley
May 7 @ 11:21am
Are you still working on this Catherine? I may be able to help if it is in Massachusetts. -Seraphine
Catherine Dewey Sanders
May 13 @ 10:25pm
Hello! I am still working on finding our Kelly/Kelley line, but am not sure Massachusetts is a connection or not.
Dean Kelley Dean Kelley
December 10 @ 9:32am
Yea! I got my nephew's results: R-BY23454. This puts us clearly allied with the David O'Kellia group, under the Irish Type III umbrella.
Craig T. Kelley
May 7 @ 11:16am
Do you mind explaining the type # umbrellas? I am new here. I am also in David O'Killia's group. Thank you, -Seraphine
Dana Bressette
May 11 @ 10:17am
Hi, Seraphine, Dean is my nephew, I posted in his account. I hope you understand more with all that I emailed you!
Craig T. Kelley Craig T. Kelley
May 7 @ 11:00am
Hello, ( I am not sure who it says I am posting as). These are my uncles results. He is 10th generation Kelley in Massachusetts, I am 11th (female but I have brothers) and there is a 12th generation too, they're quite young however(male). Our patriarch, David O'Killia is technically, of unknown origin. Its rumored that he is from Gallagh Co Galway, but he arrived with no parents and there are no records of arrival or anything prior that I can find. Some people say he was orphaned during Cromwell's conquest, others say his parents died on board the ship en route to America. He was the first Kelley on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (I am willing to bet in Massachusetts) and established a large Quaker family in Dennis, Massachusetts by the mid 1600s. His wife was also an orphan, Jane Powell who is said to be Welch. (I am sorry if you know this story)- they were caught fornicating and surprisingly were not punished but rather ordered to marry, as in her defense Jane said she was hoping to escape her destitute situation. They had to travel quite far to be together, so some people think that perhaps they were on the same ship and knew of each other prior. Both were indentured for a time upon arrival. There is a poem in our Kelley lineage book written about the evil sea captain who stole Davids money after his parents died and put him ashore on the Cape prior to landing in Boston. Again, lore. I don't know much about this website yet but I am very active on ancestry and have a thorough tree built. I bought my uncle the Y67 test to participate in some Kelley surname projects and hopefully learn where David was from. The email attached to this account is mine though my uncle does have log in information as well. Thanks for having us and I hope I can be of use. -Seraphine
Craig T. Kelley
May 7 @ 12:04pm
I buried my post by commenting on all the others, still learning! LOL -Seraphine
Aidan Kelly
May 7 @ 10:31pm
I will have a look - BY123821
Craig T. Kelley
May 8 @ 2:07pm
Thank you..what is that # for? -Seraphine
Michael Winters
May 9 @ 3:05am
Hi Seraphine Thank you for your reply – My group is R1b Group 14: confirmed L21+ DF49+ DF23+ Z2961+ Ui Mhaine Kellys. But after undertaking my DNA research the only person on my Paternal side I can be confident of being related to is my grandfather Samuel Henry Winters. He was born in Sydney Australia on the 17th April 1865 and his mother was Bridget Cummin/Cummings born in Ireland in c1838. There was no record kept of where in Ireland she was born. Bridget had another daughter born to a Samuel Dobson in Sydney in October 1868 (on the hospital record of a Jane’s birth a Rev JF Kelley was present). Could Bridget Cummins actually been Bridget Kelley and the Rev was a family member visiting her in the hospital? I have started to not discount any theory - as I have a couple of Kelly-Kelley on my maternal side who are reportedly third to fifth cousins. Jane only lived to the age of twelve before dying in Sydney in 1880. I have only some facts gathered over the years - Samuel grew up alone in Sydney possibly, being orphaned after his mother’s death. The story we were given by my Aunty was that Samuel Henry’s father was a Samuel Winters and he was a policeman who was born in England. This was proven to be incorrect as the DNA search has shown I cannot find any connection to any Winters family. The one thing I have learnt over this process is to only trust the facts in writing and nothing else. I am sorry I cannot say for certain that we are related at this present time but as we turn the next corner you do not know what will be uncovered. So all we can do is keep looking for that vital breakthrough. Regards, Michael Winters
Michael Winters Michael Winters
March 26, 2019 @ 2:42pm
Hi everyone, Thank you for letting me join your research group in the endless task of tracking down our ancestors. My name is Michael Winters and I live in New South Wales, Australia. I have received my Y DNA results stating that I have a high chance of being related to the Kelly clan. I have always had problems tracing my Great Grandfather and Mothers origins. The only definite certified record is my Grandfather’s birth certificate stating he was born in April 1865 in Sydney NSW as Samuel Henry Winters. The certificate stated his mother was a Bridget Cummings, aged 28 and Irish and his father was a Samuel Winters from England. I have to change my focus from Winters to Kelly as well as getting my head around reading and interpreting my DNA results. My Kit number is B413569 . I will look forward to putting the first Kelly in my family tree. Regards Michael
Sean Kelly
March 26, 2019 @ 2:50pm
Failte Michael!
Michael Winters
March 26, 2019 @ 3:43pm
I have just ordered the BigY700 kit to dig a little deeper!
Craig T. Kelley
May 7 @ 11:28am
Do you connect to the David O'Killia group? I have documented prior relations going from Massachusetts to Australia. We were very connected via the whaling industry and the "golden age of sail". -Seraphine
David Kelley David Kelley
January 9 @ 11:53am
Hi. I joined the project a few months ago and I have been lurking for awhile. I am looking for any information on my great great grandfather William Kelley, Henry Kelley, or possibly William Henry Kelley. He was born either in Maine or in Massachusetts, depending on which records I view. He and my great great grandmother Jerusha Brister had a child (Theron Martin Kelley, my great grandfather) in 1838 in Rumford, ME. I cannot find a record of my great great grandparents showing that they were ever married. Jerusha was born in 1815 in Rumford, ME to Enoch Brister and Sarah (Sallie) Chamberlain. Theron M. was raised by Jerusha and her parents (the Bristers) until he enlisted in the Civil War.Because I reached a dead-end with william Kelley on, I decided to have my Y-DNA test done here at the suggestion of someone at NEHGS. I have looked at my closest matches (genetic distance of 0 and 1) that share my surname (incl. variant spellings) and their family trees, if any. I haven't found a connection yet. My Y-DNA haplogroup is R-M269 and I am a descendant of Niall of the Nine Hostages (among many, many others!). Where do I go from here? Thanks in advance, Dave Kelley
Robert Shalvoy
January 9 @ 12:03pm
Have you had your autosomal DNA tested at Ancestry? If not, that would be the first thing that I would do.
David Kelley
January 9 @ 6:38pm
Hi Robert. Yes, I have had my autosomal DNA tested by Ancestry. The problem is that there are about 10 or more suspects from both MA and ME who could possibly be my 2nd great grandfather, but how do I narrow them down to just one? There are several folks on who seem to "know" who it is, but I need proof. I was hoping someone here could give me a clue about how to narrow down the suspects. Thanks, Dave
David Kelley
January 12 @ 4:12pm
Aidan and/or Raymond or anyone. Any suggestions on how I can move forward from my roadblock? Thanks, Dave
Craig T. Kelley
May 7 @ 11:11am
Hi David, I hope I am allowed to recommend outside websites. There is a group on Facebook called "DNA Detectives" and there you can learn how to map your cousin matches from Ancestry in a way that will lead you to definitive answers. This is how I found my biological father, and learned that my grandfather had an unknown half sister. Hope this helped. -Seraphine
William Kelly William Kelly
January 3 @ 9:37am
I just joined the Project today. My name is Bill Kelly. My Kelly Family ancestors migrated to USA via London during the "famine" arriving in New York 26 Nov 1851. All our family tradition says they came from County Kerry (Cahersiveen). Although I think my great, great, great grandfather (Mortimer or Murtaugh Kelly) and geat, great, great grandmother (Ann) were both baptized in Limerick in 1810. The DNA analysis for myself and my cousin ( points to Munster in Kerry as well. I also did an analysis of DNA though National Geographic Geno Study; my Halogroup is R- CTS4466. What do I need to do next to give you the data about me for your study?
Kelly Faircloth
February 9 @ 9:53pm
Hi, William - I am seriously no help with the Y-DNA, you may want to email the admins listed to the left.
Matthew Kelley
April 22 @ 12:29pm
William Kelly, correspond with your matches and join any haplogroup R projects that R-CTS4466 falls under (such as this one )
Michael Kelly
April 30 @ 2:17pm
HI William, I know little or nothing about DNA. Nevertheless, may I suggest that you investigate whether your O'Kellys from Limerick are related to the O'Kellys of Laois. They were one of the Seven Septs of Laois. Please contact me through if you would like further information.
Michael Kelly
April 30 @ 2:18pm
Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh (O Kelly)
Matthew Kelley Matthew Kelley
April 10 @ 7:38pm
3 of us in the group got some good news a few days ago. Our cousin and close y-111 match, an O'Driscoll received his BigY700 results. He and I formed haplogroup BY25870 when I took BigY500, and all of our matches who took BigY500 later were moved from I-M223 down to I-BY25870 because we all share all the mutations (snp's) down that branch of the genetic family tree. The O'Driscoll upgrade proved that he does not have two of those mutations, so all of the Kelley's who have taken BigY700 were moved to a new haplogroup FT16184 which descends from the common ancestor haplogroup BY25870.
Matthew Kelley
April 10 @ 9:18pm
There are a couple of Kelley's who should be moved down also from BY25870, but they will have to upgrade from BigY500 to BigY700 since the snp's in FT16184 were not in the area of the y chromosome that BigY500 was capable of reading.
George Kelly George Kelly
February 2 @ 7:06pm
Hi, - I went to an ancestry event back in 2016 as I was interested in discovering my roots. I subscribed to a few online sites, some paid some free but never really got very far. I am a complete novice so at this even it was suggest I do a YDNA37 test as it was the best. Unfortunately having invested in this I find it only created more confusion. I get lots of matches but never get beyond this. My Ancestry DNA which I done a couple of years later gives me lots of matches which I have been able to develop and have discovered several 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins. Am I doing something wrong? How can I make the most of this test? George
Robert Shalvoy
February 3 @ 1:32pm
The Y-DNA test is for (normally) very ancient ancestry, rather than the recent ancestry covered by an autosomal DNA test such as AncestryDNA. Your common ancestors for you and your Y-DNA matches could easily have lived for than a 1,000 years ago. This will be before the use of surnames. So the Y-DNA test can provide insights into your very ancient roots. However, the most information on your very ancient roots comes from doing more expensive testing than you have done so far. I'm thinking of the Y-700 DNA test. The autosomal DNA test will provide you with matches that (in most cases) have a common ancestor with you who lived 7 or 8 generations ago.
Matthew Kelley
April 10 @ 7:22pm
I took Y67 and had about 17 close y matches (GD 0-7). Not all of them have upgraded, but 5 have and I match all of them on BigY700, and we have been able to identify approximately when one line separated from the rest of us. We have also identified a few non matches who separated from our line several hundred years ago. We suggested they take BigY700 because they had some of the same unusual results at certain str positions found in y37-y111. BigY700 proved they were from the same ancient line, but split off before this millennium. All of that group has different last names which all originated with the Normans. The area of Ireland that my family is from has one of the highest percentages of Norman surnames in Ireland.