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About us

Welcome to the KEIGHER / KEHER Surname Y-DNA Project

Anyone with a Y-chromosome & KEIGHER, KEHER, or surname variant (KEEHER, KEHIR) is encouraged to join! Not sure if you should be included? Reach out - we are happy to help

Traditional genealogical research informs us that most, if not all, Keigher lines of descent bring the surname back to County Roscommon, Ireland in the early 1800's It is here the surname hits a brick wall in the records

Due to the challenge of limited surviving records for that area, traditionally genealogy unfortunately reached an impasse, or genealogical 'brick wall' ~ one this project hopes to break open with Y-DNA testing and take the surname project global

This group project looks forward to answering many of our shared paternal ancestry questions (see "Goals" page):
Do we hail from a more 'modern' MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) just a few centuries ago? Or, are there multiple lines of descent from a very distant/ancient paternal line?

Please also see: KEIGHER + variant One-Name Study at the Guild of One-Name Studies for more information on the surname:

Surname Variants: As "K" is not used in Irish older variants may have use "C" rather than "K"
  • not sure if you should be included? please reach out to the Administrator - we are happy to provide any guidance you may need