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John Keep of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA The goal of this Keep family surname project is to determine the origins of John Keep of Longmeadow in England (or elsewhere), and obtain clues to his real name, if not Keep, and his direct ancestors through the Y DNA of Americans sharing descent from John Keep of Longmeadow, and others sharing the family name Keep in America, England, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Men of the surname Keep should obtain Y DNA analysis through Family Tree DNA. This is the Keep Surname project at the Family Tree DNA site. The higher the resolution Y DNA test ordered the better. A simple 12 marker test is a good low cost place to begin. When you have a match, you may wish to upgrade to a 25, 36 or even 67 marker test to further define our ancestral origins. There is a conversion kit available through Family Tree DNA at a modest cost if you already had your Y DNA evaluated by other commercial laboratories and wish to share your results. Additional website