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THE MISSION OF THE KEEP FAMILY DNA PROJECT The mission of this DNA project is three-fold, and will be accomplished by testing the Y-Chromosome of any male with the surname Keep.--- 1. To find relationships and connections of any and all Keep families regardless of ancestral lines or countries of origin. Keep families with little knowledge of their ancestry may find themselves connected to those who possess a great deal, with the prospect that information may be shared. Family members without the surname Keep can have close male relatives tested who do have the Keep surname.--- 2. Likewise, a serious effort is being made to discover the many descendants of Walter Kep b ca 1230 in Astwood, Buckinghamshire, England. The natural growth of his family since 1230, probably on a very large scale, promises to reveal a family structure that does not exist now because of the lack of genealogical research.--- 3. American Keeps are endeavoring to find the ancestral line of John Keep, who appeared in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, in 1660. This DNA project discovered that his origin is in England and that he is a descendant of Walter Kep, of Astwood, England. More testing of male American and English Keeps (and elsewhere) with the Keep surname is badly needed to help determine the exact line between these two individuals. Additional website