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Kastler/Kastner/Kasteler/Pope Families
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About us

Looking for any relationships between Kastler clans originating from German-speaking countries. Current known spellings are Kastler, Kastner, Kasteler, Kastl, Kästner. there are about 6 core Kastler/Kastner Families originating from Wahlern, Switzerland; Westhoffen, France; Trier, Saarland; Asselfingen, Germany; Königsbach-Stein, Germany, Lasberg, Austria. Several families have been linked together, such as the Swabian Kastlers, the Königsbach Kastners, and the Westhoffen Kastlers. We can always use more tests! The Pope surname in this project is a result of researching my maternal grandfather, Lee Pope. He would have been born around 1860, and his son was Edker Lee Pope, born 1885 in Lonoke, Arkansas. Feel free to join the Popes in this group. I try to keep up with new joins and put them into their category. There's English Pope's, and German Popes (Bobst, Pabst, etc.)