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Jordan DNA project

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About us

The Jordan DNA Project uses Y DNA, BIG Y; Autosomal DNA and MtDNA testing to find matches between participants which enable them to achieve their goals in Genealogical research. Please note: This project is for the surname JORDAN family. This is a surname project and NOT for participates from the country of Jordan! This project was formed in 2002 by Jordan genealogists Janet Burks, Robert "Bob" Jordan and Norman Jordan. If you are a Jordan please consider FTDNA testing and joining the Jordan DNA project. People both male and female who have DNA tested with Jordan ancestors in their lineage are welcome to join including transfers from other DNA companies. To participate in this FTDNA project DNA testers will be asked to change their Privacy and Sharing settings on their DNA kit. Under Preferences for the Administrator “Limited Access” or “Advanced Access” and Under Privacy please set Your results to Sharing with the FTDNA database "Opt In To Sharing". PLEASE NOTE: Most Distant Proven Ancestors listed on the Jordan YDNA chart are recorded by each kit tester not by Adms. This Jordan DNA project is not responsible for those lineages nor can we guarantee these ancestry lineages are documented by the genealogical standard. Transfers from, My Heritage and 23 and me (autosomal DNA) are welcome. Thank you. Janet Burks, Adm Greg Barklett, Co-Adm