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Belarusian Jewish Polesie

For descendants of Jews from SW Belarus
  • 192 members

About us

  1. Encourage the use of Genetic Genealogy as an additional tool for Jewish genealogical research in Belarus.
  2. Study the similarity or diversity of the ancestry of our Jewish ancestors from the former Polesie region of Belarus.
  3. Prove or disprove common ancestry between families with the same surnames, when traditional genealogy research has not yet produced a paper trail connecting the families.
  4. Confirm the validity of a paper trail that shows common ancestry between two families with the same surname.
  5. Discover common ancestry between families of different surnames. Many of our Eastern European ancestors adopted modern-day surnames only in the recent past (~200 years ago), so it's to be expected that our ancestors adopted different surnames than their distant relatives did. There were also purposeful surname changes in the more recent years, such as to avoid conscription into the military.